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The Holy City of Alexander sits at the centre of the spirit world. Its sphere is civilisation and it is from this point that all the realms and domains of the spirits are interconnected. Surrounded on all sides by the lush Gardens of Tranquility the city rises tier upon tier into the clear blue sky. It is always summer/spring here, be it day or night a realm of life and vitality and peace. The garden is bounded on the outer edge by the silver-stream river, a circular river that flows through an ancient viaduct, circles the city then flows back down the viaduct by a different channel. It is here that the honoured dead live, where the holy sages gather, law and order radiate from Alexander for it is the centre and most honoured place. Watched over by the benevolent presence of the mighty spirit.


Alexander is a strange place, it is said that any place that holds the touch of civilisation is a reflection of the holy city. If one can walk the paths of peace, tranquility and peace you can pass through the arbours, hidden spots and sheltered shade of any civilised green space to reach the beautiful gardens that surround the holy city. However the people who can achieve this sense of tranquility and peace within their souls are few. For anyone else seeking Alexander it involves a journey to the temples of those spirits who dwell within and seeking permission to use the portal hidden within.

Tier Alexandrai in the Holy City of Bur-Omisace
  • Bur-Omisace is the great Holy City, where the temples of the major religions host their most beautiful works. It is home to the temples of all the spirits. From great and grand to just a tiny presence all have something here. It is also a city of trade, an intersection of airship routes and a favourite refuelling port. The city itself stands uopn the slopes of Mount Bur-Omisace related in myths, legends and history as the sight of many important events throughout the ages of the world.
    • The great Basilica in honour of Alexander fills the centre of the Holy City, gleaming white and gold domes stand as a beacon of hope. A beacon of light and peace and prosperity atop the great mountain city. Here the priests tend the shrines to the Seraphim, the holy Saints. The order of paladins Guardian's Arm host their headquarters within the Basilica and the Arch-Father of Alexander himself lives in residence here, chief priest and secular head of the city of Bur-Omisace.
      • It is through the grace of the Arch-Father, the Knight-Admiral or the heads of the Order of Seraphim that visitors are granted access to the portal to Alexander. There are usually no strings attached and those who are faithful to any spirit, religion or walk of life may ask to enter the holy realm. After all those who are found unworthy will be returned to the mortal realm.
Cathedral of Steam in Baguba Port
  • On the coast of Ivalice one can find the great city state of Baguba Port. It is the largest moogle run city in the world, it and the land around it for two hundred miles are governed by the Moogle Race. Centre of their culture, their ethos and their religion. It is a strange city, tall metal and glass buildings, steam-works, airship yards and mechanical shops all built in an enviromentally friendly manner. With moogle society split harmoniously between technology and nature it is only fitting that their home land blends machine and nature. Parks and green spaces, nature reserves and beauty spots mingle flawlessly with the glass, crystal and stone structures of technology.
    • Near the centre of the city, spires rising into the sky is the Cathedral of Steam, a gothic portrayal of pure clockwork and steam blended with classical building architecture to produce a building that is half working machine and part place of worship. Great plumes of steam rise from the spires of the cathedral, channelling the excess waste from the mighty hot spring driven turbines far below the surface. The city wide network of water pumps, sewage systems, heating ducts and lighting systems are all run by the mighty machines hidden beneath the surface of the cathedral.
      • For religious purposes it is the High Priest of Mog who oversees the religious dedication of the cathedral. It is the Council of Kupo that runs the actual city and are based in the council chambers within the great building. Both Mog, Famfrit and Sister Ray have parts of the grand catherdal dedicated to themselves and their various high priests, priestess or deacons can grant access to petitioners who wish to travel to Alexander.
Stronghold of the Judges - Nalbina
  • In Nalbina stands the Citadel of the Just, home to the international peacekeepers known as the Judges. Not always welcome but the law they uphold is the law as handed down throughout the ages. Arbitors of disputes, bringers of justice and protectors of the peace. As long as the local government has given the Judges mandate to operate in their country then they have the power to persue lawbreakers alongside local law enforcement officials.
    • Inside the Citadel there are not as many Judges as one might expect. Many of them are out in the world doing their duties. But the High Marshal of the Just is here appointed by the spirit Mateus herself to lead the judges. It is here that the Judges are guided, given advice and aid when it is required. It is also here that a mortal wishing access to Alexander may petition the offices of the High Marshal and if their reasons are just and true be granted the use of the portal stone to enter the Tranquil Gardens.

Tranquil Gardens

These Gardens are the first place anyone visiting Alexander will see. Beautiful tranquil, perfect: this green space outside the city of saints holds many wonders. Paths meander across lawns, flowers bloom in all the colours availiable and shrubs and trees offer delight and natural shade to the land. The land is untouched by pestilance, by war, disease or any trouble, the weather is always just right and even when it rains it is warm and refreshing. Circling the garden is the silver-stream, a bubbling, burbling, merrily flowing river that encircles Alexander flowing in and out out at the south end of the gardens along an ancient aqueduct.

Traversing the garden by the paths and lawns one can reach three places. The Hall of Judgement stands in the eastern quarter of the Gardens, surrounded by open lawn and flower beds the white marble building is open to all who seek justice and the council of the spirit of law Mateus.

At each point of the city stands a beautiful gate into Alexander. Each one is guarded by the spirit known simply as Guardian. In his shining blue and silver armour he bars the way to any who would enter at each gate simultaneuosly. To pass Guardian and enter the city mortals must pass the Ritual of the Soul at the Pagoda of Reflection located in the western gardens.

Finally if one walks down to the shore of the silver-stream they can look across the swiftly flowing river to the hazy, indistinct landscape of the Lost City. Travellers can swim or perhaps find someone with a boat or swift craft that will transport them to the far side of the river where they can leave the shining centre of civilisation behind them and enter the Lost City properly.


To enter Alexander a visitor must pass the "Ritual of the Soul" at the Pagoda of Reflection. Anyone approaching the gates of the city without first passing ritual will not gain entry. Guardian will politely direct the petitioner to the pagoda. Inside the pagoda one mast pass three tests to cleanse body, soul and mind to prove they are of sound and pure thought, intention and deed to enter the Holy City.

  • They will be led by a silent guide up to the first floor of the Pagoda, a pillar of blue flame fills the centre of the chamber. Bright and brilliant and shining and oh so deadly. Petitioners must step into the flame and pass thruogh to the far side without hue or cry, hesitation or flinching.
    • A test of Stamina+Strength+Willpower must be made vs a target number of 16
  • Beyond the fires of the body visitors to the pagoda are led upstairs to the chamber of cold. A deep pool of ice cold water fills the centre of the room. Visitors must enter the water and cross to the far side. Yet again without hue, cry, hesitation or flinching.
    • A test of Attunement+Willpower+Resilience must be made vs a target number of 16
  • Finaly upon the highest level of the pagoda is the test of the mind, images, ideas, feelings and thoughts from their past will be brought forth and thrown at them. These visions are harmless but they will be pulled from the darkest fears, the sinful thoughts and temptations that hide in the dark corners of every mind.
    • A test of Insight+Willpower+Resilience must be made against a target number of 16

If all three tests are passed the visitor is blessed to enter Alexander as long as their actions within the mortal world do not stain their soul. If the tests are failed they are escorted to the entrance of the Pagoda and given a black shawl to wear. This marks them and bars them from attempting to re-take the tests of purity for one year. After that year is up they may attempt to take the test once more and pass into Alexander.

Those who are blessed may enter the great city of Alexander are permitted through the great gates by Guardian and are able to pass into the heart of many tiered Alexander and the wonders, mysteries and powers that reside within.

Lost City

Beyond Alexander, across the silver-stream is the Lost City, a place where the lost cities, technologies and wonders of ages past are found. It is a city of glass and steel towers, of fantastic technology that is indistinguishable from magic. But it is also a city of ancient stone temples and magic. The city is a mystical place ruled by the enigmatic Sister Ray and Famfrit lord of change and patron of the Moogles. It is said that the technology and secrets of the lost city are guarded so that they may never be forgotten but they are not for general consumption in the mortal world. It is said deals can be struck and arrangements made with the spirits of the Lost City for access to ideas and technology but never anything beyond what the people of the world already have. Generally what is offered is an improvement to already existing designs to make them a bit more efficient.

  • To reach the city however the silver-stream must first be crossed. The river is deep, clear and swift. Swimming it is a great trial and finding a ferry-man to cart you across is a costly endeavour:
    • To swim is three checks of Strength+Athletics+athletics/swimming with TNs of 12, 15, 12 to represent moving through the current. Being swept away by the river is liable to see the swimmer washed out of Alexander to elsewhere in the realms.
    • To locate the ferry man a check of: Intelligence+Insight+Alertness vs a TN of 14. The price the ferry man decides is up to the scene judges discretion. It is unlikely to be cheap.
Hall of Judgement

The Hall of Judgement sits in the eastern side of the Gardens of Tranquility, finding it is easy. You do not need to enter the city all one need do is walk the paths until they find it. A tall white building surrounded by columned walkways with lead lined windows and an imposing dome high above. It is here that the law is administered, judgements are made and Mateus resides.

  • Entrance to the Hall is free to all though those with injust intentions or stains upon their soul from crimes committed they may find themselves seized and tried called to judgement for their infractions against the law. But those who have performed no crime and broken no law are welcome within the halls and library of Judgement.

The Regions

From the Tranquil Gardens there are several places a visitor may travel to. The most obvious is of course the great city of Alexander. The gardens encircle it entirely, great white walls barring entrance except through the gates. Beyond the walls the many tiers of the city can be seen rising through twelve layers to the pinnacle. Standing tall and proud in the gardens, part of the city yet just outside is the Hall of Judgement where law is kept and governed from. A reminder that law is governed by Mateus but it is set by Alexander and the great King himself. Finally there is the Lost City, seen from the Tranquil Gardens it is a hazy, indistinct collection of structures across the river, crossing the river and enterring will bring visitors to a place of wonders beyond their wildest imagings.

There are rules that govern the City and its regions and travellers are cautioned to remember them.

  • The Saints are beings of truth and holiness, they deserve honour and respect from all visitors.
  • Do not attempt to scale the outerwalls. The defense of Alexander is harsh for those who try to break in
  • Technology within the Lost City is scared attempted thieves will be arrainged and given to Mateus for judgement
  • Guardians word is law, if he decrees you must face the ritual or may not enter the city even with the cleansing then so mote it be.

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