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  • Information

This goat-like Spirit is one of the more easily recognized spirits, choosing himself as the chosen protector of the Bangaa species, or any similar warrior-like race. It is said that any Bangaa female who gives birth to a male has been blessed by Andrammalech, and all male Bangaa are honoured and can count on their patron spirit for protection, for he dearly loves his people and will go out of his way to foil those who would bring them harm.

Once Andrammalech was classed amongst the Lucavi, those primordial spirits who rose up under Ultima in the first great war of the gods, he was bound as where they all within a prison of Nethicite. Ages passed as they are want to do and the Bangaa species discovered Andrammalech's prison, their wild ferocious warrior hearts appealed to the Lucavi's nature, watching them from within his prison he guided them gently, seeing within them an inherant bluff, no-nensense belief in themselves, in their strength and nature as warriors that he found appealing. Something about their courage, their raw strength, their choice of weapons and action over planning and cunning called to the Lucavi spirit and he reached out to offer aid, sincerly with no thought to his own escape or freedom, just a desire to help this fledgling race reach their true potential.

In time the Lucavi was swayed to re-nounced his former claims and place in the cycle, appealing to the coucil of Alexander and the Great King Bahamut and the elemental spirits he removed himself from the cycles of the Lucavi, lessening himself but also in his eyes growing. He joined the ranks of the spirits under the stewardship of Titan, adopting the Bangaa race as his people, embracing them, guiding them, watching over them as a direct protector and guardian spirit.

He loves all that choose strength over cunning, preferring his followers take the direct approach, and that any tactical or creative approach is a sign of cowardice. Its no wonder this stubborn Spirit is the Greater Spirit of Courage. Andrammalech has been known to appear as both a Satyr like warrior, and as a goat-headed dragon. He is a fierce warrior, whose pacts always impart some form of courageous boost or a powerful increase to their abilities as a warrior.

To pact with him a summoner generally needs to face him in comabt, and though winning is not always something that happens often loosing against his power does not matter. The most important test, is the test of courage. Being able to withstand Andrammalech's power and not flee in abject terror but to continue fighting.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 4, Must be Warrior

Will always see Bangaa

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