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  • Information

With a moderately human-like form to aid those who view her from being driven mad by her majesty, Andromeda resides beyond the starlit veil on the Galactic Plain. She is the custodian of the realm of the Starscape, and her concerns are directed almost solely to it. However, she will listen to those who wish to speak with her. Her thoughts tend to linger on the big picture however, her sights are set across the entire cosmos so she does not see things in the same way as the other spirits, matters occuring on Terra do not always interest her, no matter how dire they may be.

She is seen by many as an aloof cold beauty, her interests lie with the cosmos, guarding the stars and planets in their paths, watching the nature of the universe and seeing that all is ordered as it should be and maintain the great swirling patterns of fate and destiny that encompass all things. When her thoughts do tend to the earth it is to the astronomers, oracles, seers and soothsayers, she turns, for those who watch the stars, are guided by them and inherently listen to the music that is the flow of time in the universe.

The mysteries of the universe are hers to observe, the secret twisting pathways of the future, the visions and prophecy that link together the events of history, all stem ultimatley from her. It is said she is aided in her work by the thirteen spirits of the Zodiac and the servitor race of imps known as the Star-born though legend says that they themselves are longsince lost and scattered along with the Stellazio. For a mortal who is able to ascend the veil, pass the traps of the Song of Ages and attain her resting place great honour will be bestowed and her attention will be given with grace, dignity and kindness for one who has travelled so far and left behing so much to see her in person.

However being in the presence of Fate herself brings about great changes, great requirements and demands, the soul is forever changed legend says that upon death those who have visited the galactic plain return to serve and take up a new place upon the wheel eternal. She will pact with those who ask but there is always a price, a requirment and advice and knowledge that is sort will be freely given but each answer brings a price and requirement of its own a new forking of destiny and path that may not be refused. Her sight is unhindered across all that is, her tasks are bent to the benefit of creation and not just Terra alone. Rememeber that those who would seek her out in person for the task she sets you in person may have nothing to do with Terra or your home at all.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 20, Knowledge - 20, Arcana - 15

A summoner wishing Andromeda's pact must be able to pass three tests of knowledge and wisdom. These questions/tests are at the Judges discretion during the scene.

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