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  • Information

Greater Spirit of Gluttony and Destruction. When Atomos is awoken, the world quakes, for there is truly none that can stop its hunger but itself. To summon Atomos requires not so much an act of great sacrifice, but a complete apathy for yourself and the world, for it may very well be gone by the time it’s finished feeding.

Only the strongest summoners can break through the chains and guards that enslave Atomos in the Spirit Realm. Even to reach those chains one must weather through the guards and checks of Atomos' prison, deep beneath the Great Keep, only by gaining access to the keep and passing victorious into the prison beneath can one approach and try to break Atomos free, for the summoning can be done in no other place then within the prison with the chains broken.

It is said though, that during times of great upheaval Atomos may wake and with strength free himself, but only for a time before he is rebound by the combined might of the Greater Spirits.

  • Requirements for Pact

Atomos cannot be pacted, he can only be broken free and this act normally is the last thing a summoner does. Setting destruction loose on the world invariably catches the summoner as Atomos' first victim.

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