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  • Information

Also called the King of All Beasts. This dragon has never been truly identified for appearance. He seems to look differently to everyone, but the one thing that everyone agrees on is his sheer size. Bahamut is not easily swayed to join someone, usually he only allows someone to pact ~and~ summon him if it is of world-threatening importance. Even then the summoner must have strength of mind, body and will to withstand the force of the dragons mind upon their will.

Often, though, when it is really desperate, he imbues a summoner close enough with knowledge that may aid them in their struggle, later taking this knowledge away again.

Even to gain an audience with him requires a summoner to have pacted at least one of the other dragons and spoken with Alexander and to weather the trials of the long climb up the mountain of dragons to the entrance to the Twelve Pillars where he resides.

A summoner who does reach him however may if he gives them permission to speak ask him for aid or the answers to questions of vital importance. Rare is the summoner who seeks him out in pursuit of pact. Those who waste his time however or whom he deems to be unworthy of his knowledge are put out of his realm and in extreme cases returned to Terra at some random point far from where they started.

  • Requirements for Pact

It is unknown how to Pact Bahamut, the only fact known is that one must hold pact with two other Dragons and have the Blessing and suport of three other spirits before one can approach the King and raise the topic of pact. To raise the question of pact without this blessing and pacts will bring his ire upon the summoner.

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