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  • Information

A great whale-like spirit that can swim through the land and air just as easily as the water. However, when it comes to its pacters in time of need, it always releases a great flood of water to engulf the enemies and wash away the battle. A fairly easy enough Spirit to get along with, this Lesser Spirit is happy with most pacters that are friendly, but is flightly, and will vanish if it feels threatened.

This amazing whale lives between realms, he is subject to the Lord Leviathan of the Eternal Ocean as well as the Emperor of the Winds Pandemona in the Vault of Heavens. He can be found equally in both locations from the deepest depths of the Eternal Ocean to the clouded heights of the Far Sky. He is old and wise, patient and gentle and will always stop to talk with those who seek him. It might take many days of travel, between sky and water, heights and depths but sooner or later the Great Whale will find you should you seek him with true intent, kind heart and a wish to talk, there is nothing this mighty mammal prefers more then talking to the mortals of air and sea.

Locating Bismarck To Locate the great Whale you need only travel to the Eternal Ocean or the Vault of Heaven by the usual route and set out on a journey! Moving back and forth, have no true destination in mind, just set out with the desire to locate Bismarck and talk with him and he will hear your wish and find you sooner or later. Take a lot of supplies however, it is not unheard of for him to take several days to journey to the location visitors, he rarely moves with any haste.

Attunement+Channeling & Insight+Empathy

Rolls are required, as many and as frequent as the Judge feels necessary before Bismarck arrives, make it an RP event, make it long or as short as you deem necessary with stops and distractions along the way for the players as they await the arrival of Bismarck

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 4, Knowledge - 6

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