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  • Information
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The gambling cat, Cait Sith is a blessing for some and a terror for others, he is a spirit of avarice, of fun, of rolling the dice one last time. He dwells within the casino of Lady Luck, a boistrous spirit who never has any conviction or compulsion against turning up unannounced at any gathering. Those summoners who call upon him are in for a wild time.

Without ceremony, a black cat drops onto the Summoner's head, making a great show of dusting itself off before leaping for solid ground. Though no larger than a housecat, even the most casual of observers can see that Cait Sith is no ordinary feline. For one, he stands on two legs, sauntering about as easily as any human would. Then there is the matter of his attire: with his well-worn boots, ragged red cape, and a tiny toy crown perched securely on his head, Cait Sith looks like a refugee from a comic pantomime gone horribly awry, happy smile radiating almost indescribable quantities of smugness. With a mocking bow, the little cat-man assumes position, ready to inflict his own brand of havoc on the battle.

He attacks with his vaunted slot machine, causing havoc and chaos to reign across the battle field, all the while charging for the service, any summoner has to pony up at least 100gil for a spin of the slots. The more gil offered, the more powerful a return though of course one could always loose the spin of the dice. He is favoured by Channeller and Avatar Summoners over more traditional ones, his help tends to be slightly more reliable then the wild and untamed luck of the spinning dice.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 6, Subterfuge - 8 To pact with Cait Sith one has to play a game, a gambling game for stakes that tend to be rather amusing and fun. No gil is involved but its not unusual to have to gamble to see who gets dunked in the gunge tank or has to let the other pick a new haircut for them.

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