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  • Information

Carbuncle is protection. It shows up for people who need it the most, and for those people who wish to use the power to protect others. Carbuncle offers its services to those who ask, all you need to do is ask. He may occasionally task a summoner with a quest or ask for a poignant memory of their own in exchange for his aid.

Safe guarding the precious memories of the Vault is his solemn duty and joy, though none are so closely guarded as the gem he holds close to his chest or wears upon his forehead at all times. He tends to also only ever speak in his native tongue which to most normal ears sounds like he is constantly saying: "Bwee" in a variety of tones and inflections, similar to the language of the Moogles yet somehow different.

Carbuncle is however a very shy spirit, he will not present himself to strangers. Visitors to his realm are most likely to be greeted by his Seneschal and long time friend Pounce the crystal ferret. Summoners will find if they are friendly to Pounce and make their friendship with him then Lord Carbuncle will appear. Anyone who is violent, rude or pacted with Hades or a spirit of the Abyss are less likely to meet him in a congenial mood. He is by no means a violent spirit but he is not above ordering his realm to cast out someone he finds undesirable and unwanted.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 12, Animus - 12, Empathy - 8

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