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The Catacombs of Kharma; a vast labyrinthe of stone tunnels that reside somewhere in the great realm of the Abyss. When one approaches the entrance from the Path of Shale they see a grand carven entrance flanked by pillars and mighty statues of Tonberry's. Elsewhere the entrance could be as simple as a hole in the ground or a crack in a rock-face to a doorway hidden behing a bookcase.

The passages are narrow, devoid of natural light except for the odd patch of glowing moss, they wend and wind their way through creation, hidden and deep and lost to sight. Odd noises, sighing winds and haunting cries fill the tunnels, echoes of echoes rebounding and mingling in the darkness. Sometimes travellers will come across large caverns and impressive galleries carved out of the rock, their contents ranging from dark and jagged basalt rocks to crystal strewn wonderlands where ancient light illuminates the darkness.

Traversing the depths of the Catacombs is a risk, not only does one run the risk of bumbing into the Tonberry's and having to face their knives. There is also the danger of getting irrevocably lost, falling down pit-falls, trapped by cave ins or generally falling afoul of dark beasts in the shadows. The trade off for finding the Tonberry King and pacting him is great but what some Summoners call the greater prize is the chance to traverse the Catacombs and emerge elsewhere.

The Catacombs touch all realms and all know Justice

Is one of the old quotes often heard concerning those dark, silent, water logged caverns and galleries though the difficulty of finding the right path is often very high. The chances of one getting lost in the Catacombs is high. A check of:

Stamina+Survival+Survival/Navigation TN of 25

Must be made by any traveller who wishes to find the right path. The destination can be any realm that has "Land" So the Deep Blue or Great Skies are out. The difficulty of finding the right path should be proportional to how difficult or exotic the realm they want to find is. Getting to Alexander would be easy whilst finding the Dragon's Nest would be incredibly difficult.

One of these checks may be made after every IC hour with a total of 4 rolls permitted with a target of at least 18 to find their way. Anyone failing their roll must leave the Catacombs by the nearest exit. To find a path leading them back out of the dank corridors of this underground realm.

+dice 1d100

1-35 - The Abyss's Path of Shale

36-50 - The Ampitheatre

51-70 - Somewhere in the Mortal Realms

71-85 - Akashic Library

86-95 - Thunderplains

96-99 - Dragon Mount

100 - Lost: The Kharmic Curse

Local Spirits

Tonberry King

The Greater Spirit of Punishment and Penance, the Tonberry King is perhaps one of the most feared Spirits of all. Of all his children the knife he wields can seek out and punish those whose Kharma is dark and black. Of course if your soul is pure and untouched then you have nothing to fear. He is also very old and very wise, few people would question him when he offers insight or knowledge. It is said he is as old as Diabolos himself and the paths he walks mirror the Lord of Mysteries thoughts.

For Details See Tonberry King

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