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  • Information

The fabled three-headed dog patrols the Abyss; allowing all but the Phoenix-touched to enter with a wagging tail and friendly greeting. But the dead who try to leave, or those who displease this realm, find themselves pitted against a true death-hound, and Hades' favored, loyal pet. A three-headed black dog that breathes fire and rips apart the souls of the dead who try to leave before their time. He is the first being any soul enterring the Abyss will meet, for he circles the borders of Death's realm ceaselessly, seemingly able to see and perceive the entire border at once, to approach those who enter at his leisure but to bring swift retribution and warning to those who would try to escape the realm of death.

  • Rules for Pacting

Spirit Connection - 15, Abjuration - 15, Fortitude - 10 Cerberus will also demand one piece of aid from a summoner trying to pact with him. He will command them to hunt down the spirit of one of the dead who has slipped beyond the bounds of the Abyss but is in a location he cannot reach. If they can bring this spirit back to the Abyss he will reward them with his pact.

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