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  • Information

The demonic Greater Spirit of Darkness. Everytime light is pushed away by the creeping shadows of shade or night, it is Diabolos's domain. Fond of absolutely no one, Diabolos is tolerant more for those that keep to his domain, like the Shade, sneaks, and nocturnal creatures. Anyone with Day-Affinity would be expelled painfully from his presence. When summoned, Diabolos brings the Dark, inflicting a gravity-based percentage of health away from the enemy and potentially inflicting the blind status. All pacters of Diabolos, no matter how little, gain Darkvision.

To pact Diabolos is one of the hardests tasks any Summoner can take. He has no quests to set, he has no cares for mortals or their lives. His only interest is in the mysteries of creation, ancient texts speak of those summoners who have pacted him. In all tales it focusses on a central point, "What the summoner can do for him" On rare occasions if a Summoner is worthy, he may present to them one of the many mysteries that his mind is dwelling upon. He will share his power and pact with the summoner who can bring him the true solution to said mystery.

Once a summoner has expressed interest in pacting him, he will set no quest himself, offer no help or thoughts. He just waits to see what they bring to him and either rejects or accepts. Mysteries, ideas, knowledge, all are said to have some hope of working, but if it is not something new then he does not care. If it is something that has been told or seen before he has no need for it only new truth, new ideas or new mysteries will peek his interest.

In one final break from the normal pacting rules. Diabolos never offers up part of his true name. The greatest mystery of all time, other spirits may reveal letters, which in turn reveal something of their nature but any summoner who is successful in his pact receives an arcane sigil of Diabolos' form to join with their name in pact. He appears as a red and black humanoid figure, who forms from the wells of bent light and shadow caused by his powerful gravity magics. His wings are said to hold all the void of the universe within, full of mysteries unseen.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 24, Knowledge - 24, Ritual - 24

Diabolos will also require the summoner who wishes his pact to solve a riddle or mystery for him and it will not be an easy thing to solve.

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