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The Eternal Ocean as it is called is a land of oceans unending, bound by no borders or barriers the great ocean only changes depending on the weather and how deep the waters are. The skies over-head follow a day/night cycle similar to Terra's and the waters range from crystal clear tropics dotted with islands chains to pack ice and meandering ice-bergs that bring danger to those who try to navigate them. One thing you must never forget however is that the surface of the ocean is only the very top of this realm. The sea is deep, it is dark and it is blue... fathoms of water in which dwell fantastical people, exotic cities and marvelous otherworldly sights that can only exist beneath the waves. It is a land of harsh divides, changing moods and unpredictability.


The Ocean is a place that many strive to visit and some stumble upon by accident. It is rumoured that there are places in the sea where in the right conditions a vessel may pass from familiar waters to those of the ocean of Leviathan. During great storms or strange fogs. There are many tales of sailors travelling strange seas, meeting peculiar peoples and eventually returning home. Some of those tales might be from sailors who ventured into the Eternal Ocean. Traditionally there are less random methods to reach the eternal seas through the Ocean Temple on the isle of winds or through one of the fountain plazas that can be found across the world.

Ocean Temple - Isle of Winds

  • The Isle of Winds is a small tropical island lost and isolated from the world in the middle of the ocean. In ages past before the advent of airships the strange winds made reaching the island a chore only master sailors could manage. The winds around the island are want to change direction at random and without warning. Even today with airship travel to reach the isle is still a chore as even an airship can be caught off guard by the sudden shifts in winds and air pressure. Upon reaching the isle however one will find beautiful unspoilt natural wilderness. An island of deep emerald green jungle, golden sandy beaches and coral reefs.
    • The Ocean Temple itself is not on the main island, there is a Nu Mou settlement that pilgrims are made welcome at and the jungle itself is a place of marvelous exotic beauty that can only be found on the most tropical of islands. The temple itself is built atop the reef that closes in the main beach. Blue marble and shaped coral adorn a giant conch shell that has been transformed over the eons into the Ocean Temple. The curved structure reflects the bright sunlight off the ocean and it is here that the High Priest of Leviathan and the congregation of Siren make their home. The priests welcome all who wish to pay homage to Leviathan and the water spirits under his domain.
      • Sometimes on very rare occasions the High Priest may be persuaded to open the way for an entire sailing vessel to enter the realm of the Eternal Ocean. However working out how to get your ship back is up to the Captain and Crew alone and only a vessel that sails the waves is given this honour and it is a very rare occurrence. Normally if one seeks to traverse to the water-ways they will be permitted to paddle a small three man coracle along the channel of waves. If one can attune themselves to the whispered sound of waves crashing against distance shores that echo through the shells they can pass from the mortal realm into the realm of Leviathan.

The Fountain Plaza's

  • The plaza's are the collective name for the hospitals and hospices run by the priests and priestesses of Undine and Lakshmi. As spirits of healing, rest and restorative their follows tend to follow a creed of do no harm and bring good to the world. Many of their followers are doctors, nurses or people who have dedicated themselves to helping the less fortunate in life find a way out of their destitution. These plaza's are found in many places and all vary depending on the purpose of those who run them. A hospital on the outskirts of Emberstrand, an orphanage in the slums of Port Balfonheim, a hospice for injured soliders in Archades.
    • The most famed Plaza is in Khandala. The plaza is a sanctuary, a haven of beauty and grace amidsts the towering cliffside slums and ancient manors that form the city. It provides hospital services to the citizens of the city and the healers offer their services free to tall who visit. These plaza's, places of healing, hope and help also can aid one in finding the hidden path to the water-ways of the Eternal Ocean. The priests are always willing to help one find the way and ask nothing in return for the favour but it is traditional to offer a donation to their plaza. Once through the portal the traveller will be left standing upon a small islet which will transport them to the Archipelago. If the traveller wishes to change the destination of their floating island they can only do so through the strength of will. If the mortal cannot redirect it with their mind it will take them to the sheltered, tropical harbours of the Archipelago.


Sailing across the Eternal Ocean is no easy task, the ocean is vast and magnificent in splendour, breadth and weather and depending on how you arrived upon the ocean will determine what difficulty you have traversing the waves. A lost sailing ship will have little problem navigating the ocean but someone in a small corracle from the Ocean Temple will have their work cut out for them.

Travelling by Coracle or other small sailing vessel is merely a matter of navigation and good sailing rolls. The rolls required are up to the judges discretion but should be performed by the PCs present. Using NPC crew members to do your navigation upon the Eternal Ocean is not really in keeping with the spirit of adventure and questing that visiting the realms entails. After all the PCs are the heroes so should be leading the way themselves to bring glory, honour to their names and find the loot themselves!

Travelling from one of the Fountain Plaza's is a simple affair, the floating island summoned to bear travellers to the Archipelago is very sturdy and will carry its passengers safely to the troipical islands where Undine makes her home. However should someone wish to redirect their island or use it as their own personal transport whilst upon the Eternal Ocean they must redirect it and this is accomplished only through the force of their will.

Roll Willpower+Abjuration and get a TN of 18 or higher If successful the island is now the PC characters to direct and control as they wish.

Finally enterring the deeps is easy, all one need do is slip over the side and swim down away from the surface. Of course some means to breath and see underwater is a must have. You won't get very far if you drown or blind in the sunless depths of the ocean. Most people who wish to travel the depths journey first to the Archipelago to seek magical aid from the spirits who dwell there. It is normally possible to barter or purchase such magics but the islanders strike a hard bargain so shiny beads isn't really going to cut the mustard. Make sure to have something worth while to offer them if you wish lights and protections to embark upon journeys into the deep ocean depths.


A chain of tropical islands that make up the majority of the land in the Eternal Ocean. White sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, tall mountains, meandering waterways and breath taking waterfalls. These islands are paradise, unspoilt wilderness some can be up to thirty miles wide others are less then half. Islands with towering mountains covered in trees rise from the clear waters, others are formed of gently rolling hills whilst still others are capped with smouldering volcanoes.

The islands are inhabited, communities have sprung up on them over the years and they all pay homage to Lady Undine who makes her home amongst the healing springs of the greatest island of Motte Fouqué. Siren's Rock can also be here, the last rock in the island chain all on its own in the far sotuh. The voice of Leviathan tends to be in residence here, Lady Siren, Second Lieutenant of the Oceans. The islands are dotted with small villages some made up of a single species or spirit other populated by a mixture. Otter-Kin who have wound up here due to mishap have settled on the islands, water imps have their homes here and many others both spiritual and mortal. Peace is the watchword, there is no politics here, no troubles and everyone is made at home and welcomed. People seeking peace often abandon the mortal realm to move here permanantly and sometimes those who have been injured badly physically and mentally are brought here to recuperate and find healing at the hands of Undine. A tranquil land of bright sunshine, monsoons and simple yet fullfilling life.

The Deeps

Beneath the surface of the eternal oceans, beyond the level were sunlight penetrates are the Deeps, close to the shores of the islands one might find the sea bed eventually but in many places the ocean continues down for an eternity with no bottom to be seen. The deeps are a dangerous place inhabited by large water mammals, fish of all sizes and spirits, it is the realm of Lakshmi, the realm of darkness and water were no natural illumination reaches. Fantastical underwater cities are rumoured to inhabit these watery depths, glowing with pale blue fire that shine like deadly beacons in the dark waters to lure travellers to their doom.

It is in the great city of Atlanatan that Lakshmi makes her home, populated by Mer-folk of all kinds it rises out of kelp plains of the Southern Point Ledge a landmark of the deeps where the continental shelf and sea bed of the Archipelago drops away into the endless depths of water. Treacherous currents however fill this sub-surface world and any traveller needs to be a strong and natural swimmer or come with aid to be able to pull against the currents that would seize them and drag them to places unseen in the dark depths. If you cannot navigate the currents safely the chances of reaching the destination you wish to is very slim. Those who are dragged off by the current are more likely to run afoul of the Doom Ship then find their way, it is here beneath the waves that the ship of the dead sails when it is not roaming the seas of Terra. The choices tend to be simple for those lost in the Deep, make a deal with the Doom Ship or chance the currents on your own and see where they deposit you.

To traverse the currents of the Deeps PCs are required to make rolls of Strength+Athletics vs TN16 if they are swimmnig or an appropriate roll for any other means of transport they might have acquired to help them navigate the deeps. Even with a local guide or some sort of machinery navigating the currents is no easy task. Having some form of aid will just make the TN slightly lower as it gives the travellers an edge.

Coral Palace

Home of Leviathan the Coral Palace is a great structure of living coral that drifts on the currents deep below the surface of the ocean. Illuminated on the outside by strange torches of green and blue light it is an ever moving testament to Leviathan's own nature of flowing with the waters of the world. Spherical in apperance there is one entrance, a brilliant tunnel of multi-coloured coral that flows inside to the great audience chameber wherein the King of Oceans, Lord of the Deeps, Master of Waters, Leviathan keeps court and council.

It is no easy feat to reach, a summoner trying to reach Leviathans's home must first descend to the level of the oceans where the darkenss of the sea-bed mingles with the last remnants of the light from above. In this watery world of twilight the currents are strong, stronger then any mortal ocean. Once this current is reached with Strength+Athletics vs TN16 rolls just like navigating the Deeps they must travel deeper.

Travellers must leave the twilight realms and swim into the darkness of the deep abyssal waters, in this realm of sightless water they must pick the right current, only one under-water flow will take visitors to the entrance tunnel, all the others will sweep them away uncontrollably into the darkness of the ocean.

To locate the correct current it is a roll of - Insight+Alertness vs TN20 picking the wrong current will lead the Traveller on a rather fantastical adventure elsewhere as the currents spit them out of the Eternal Ocean to a random point either on Terra or within another spirit realm. The destination is entirely random and up to the scene runner to pick.

The Regions


  • The Eternal Ocean is a place of water, of sailing, of mood changes and water-ways, flying of any kind is frowned upon. Airships will be struck down and beings with wings are advised to keep their flights to a minimum and only over the islands of the Archipelago.
  • Leviathan's moods are as unpredictable as the oceans themselves, be prepared for wild weather or calm days, do not try to influence the weather or oceans this is frowned upon and will not end well for you.
  • Anything lost within the waters becomes the property of the great Leviathan, the choice of final destination is subject to the whims of Leviathan and the unruly nature of the sea.

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