Falls of Hope

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Water Route

After passing the path of Virtue those whose minds are turned toward Valigarmanda or even just a desire to pay respect to the dragons who have passed will find their way to the water route. It begins on a getle slope that winds its way around the mountain, a series of trails, bridges and sloping paths that follow the trickling course of the pure streams of water that flow toward the mist shrouded foothills below. The path switches streams quite often with many a false path leading off in other directions not always easily determined by those who try to follow the water route.

It is easy to wander the wrong way, if you reach the snow fields you have gone too far and if you find yourself back down in the foot-hills with mist flowing around you have strayed down into the depths in the opposite direction. But if you are true of heart and follow the path without wavering in your belief you will find the gently winding route moves up along flowing paths beside swiftly flowing water-ways, rivers and streams tumbling down the mountain side roaring and tumbling, chuckling and flowing happily.

The wooden bridges that cross the streams and rivers are built in every style and out of materials from every part of Terra. Wooden suspensions held up with rope, arching granite hump-backed bridges and obsidian or steel fluted constructions of wires and sheet filaments. As you move into the final stretch tall cherry trees line the meandering stairs that climb the final stretch of mountainside. Broad stone steps illuminated at night by stone cages filled with little motes of golden light and during the day by the beautiful sun above. Regardless of the time of day however the cherry blossom's fall, spiralling, spinning, twisting out of the air accompanied by the roar of the mighty falls that cascade down the left side of the stairs. A broad, roaring flow of water, the Falls of Hope themselves and at the top of one mile of stone stairs is the Plateau of Memory.

Judge Note

To ascend the Water Route and not stray onto a false path the summoner or their companions must make a roll at every junction and cross-roads: Attunement+Arcana There should be between 5 - 7 of these intersections with varying TNs depending on circumstances before they find the final staircase. Feel free to make them exotic, have beautiful mind trapping vistas or deadly perils of rushing water and a row of stepping stones, anything you feel at all would help the adventure as they ascend the path.

Plateau of Memory

The Plateau is fenced in on three sides by pure, white marble walls over seven feet tall, the tops of even taller trees can be seen peeking up over the tops of the wall and the occasional towering spire or column that forms part of one of the monuments within this place of peace and rest. Vistors must walk along the outside edge of the plateau from the top of the stairs, leaving the open cliffs behind them until they reach the gates. They are set midway along the rear wall, facing the soaring sweep of Dragon Mount as it continues it majestic climb to higher peaks. It is no climbing higher from his plateau but the path meanders around the outside of the cemetary depositing vistors outside the majestic gateway within.

A set of intricate iron gates inlaid with mother of pearl and silver mark the entrance to the plateau, beyond all is silent beneath shady trees except for the distant roar of the Falls of Hope. The Graveyard is a place of tranquility, of reflection and rest, white gravel paths meander across the grounds, meeting together in circular and oval open spaces before wandering on their way across the grounds. Flowers bloom before each Gravestone and Monument, urns of blossoming hydrangea stand either side of the entrance to the Mausoleums wherein hundreds of dragons are interred.

The grounds are home to tombs of all styles each one with its own unique inscription and ephitaph to the fallen, all gathered to this final resting place so that their bones cannot be abused by those mortals who would disturb their eternal slumber for their own selfish ends. Breaking the peace of the Cemetary is a fool-hardy thing to do, speaking is permitted as long as it is quiet, the great Dragon Valigarmanda will deal harshly with anyone who dares disturb the slumber of the fallen children of the Dragons.

Flowing through the Gardens of Rest is the Great River, deep, clear blue water rushing toward the cliffs, over half a mile wide. It is bridged at several points by covered wooden bridges and four Martyria's rise from the waters, dedicated to particularly famous dragons from ages past. They are said to have given their lives so others might escape the assault by the ancient enemy that texts record wiped out the dragons of Terra. As it approaches the open cliffside the river splits around the Ledge of Hope, a natural outcropping of stone rising from the river and reached by two soaring bridges from either shore haloed by rainbows.

The Ledge of Hope

The ledge is bordered by a stone baulstraude and reaches six feet above the roaring water as it hurtles off the edge of the cliff to fall down toward the mountain side far below. The view is said to be the most spectacular in any world, all of Terra is said to be visible from there in ages past and present if only the mortal mind could comprehend it. The focal point of all Hopes and Dreams throughout the ages for those visiting the greatest challenge is to not lose your mind to the beauty for those who are over-whealmed are doomed to the falls and their spirits consigned to the hopes of ages.

Judges: Upon stepping up to observe the view players must make a: Willpower+Fortitude roll TN15 The result of failing should vary depending on the character involved. Being consumed by the view, driven into madness, leaping off the cliff, falling unconscious, running screaming back into the Gardens

For the summoner seeking Valigarmanda this is the final point, the test of Hope, the test of faith, there is only one way to find the dragon, to draw their attention and speak with them. The Leap of Faith, holding true to their convictions, their faith, their durability the visitor must leap from the end of the Ledge into the rainbow and misted spray.

Roll: Willpower+Channeling TN 20

If the summoner passes they will find themselves safe in the presence of the Rainbow Dragon of Hope, should they fail there is nothing but the long fall into oblivion awaiting them as the dragon rejects their lack of faith.

Judge Note

Failing one of the challenges of the Ledge of Hope OR being kicked out of the Mausoleum does not need to mean death, but should lead to an individual side-adventure to be played out at a later date. The player's character will be kicked soundly into the Abyss and be given a chance to bargain their way back to life. Only if they fail that challenge should Character Death result. Valigarmanda is the dragon of "Hope" after all and there is always a second chance.


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