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  • Information

Master of the wild. Fenrir is often projected as a huge wolf, and has apparently grown to like it. He's simple, straightforward, and pretty bloodthirsty. He is not easy to catch up with, any summoner trying to speak with him in persuit of knowledge or pact must first track him down and then catch up to him. He could be anywhere within the realm of Pangaea and he will not stop until the summoner has caught up to him and run alongside him for at least three miles, maybe more.

He is a wild creature, untamed, he seeks no counsel then his own, he obeys no laws except those of the hunter and its prey. He gives but grudging admission to Titan and the spirits set above him. Preferring to ignore them and live the wild life that calls to his nature and being. He will kill anyone who displeases him or interupts his hunt and woe betide anyone who steals his prey for there is no greater affront to him then such a betrayal. It is said he likes Hunters however and has been known to be used as emblem and symbol for the Hunter's Guild, giving his respect to those who have truly dedicated their lives to the hunt and the wild.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 12, Survival - 10, Agility - 12

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