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  • Information

The Ice Prince Frost lives aboard his lavishly converted ice-locked shipwreck deep within the Pack-Ice of Shiva's realm, he is a warm, friendly spirit. His appearance as a blue-skinned humanoid, with frost-rimed white hair and a hooked nose, normally dressed in imbeccable clothing of white, silver and blue is by choice and he has been known to adjust his form or apperance to suit his whims or needs..

Save for the occasional journey to his mother's Ice Castle (and those forays to Terra demanded of him by summoners' pacts), he is typically found within his home. He is a down to earth, regular sort, friendly warm hearted and he loves company of all kinds. No one is ever turned away from his home and he adores hosting Ice Hunts and parties though equally he could be in the mood for quiet conversation and games of logic and skill. He shines brightly and is a source of entertainment and joy amidsts the barren white wastes of Blizzana.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 8, Evocation - 8, Leadership - 8

In addition, any Fire-based spells possessed by the potential summoner must be balanced by an equal or greater rating in an equivalent Ice-based spells.

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