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  • Information

Many of the dead who reside in Hades' care yearn to reach Terra once more, to fulfill some task that they left unfinished, or simply to experience the living world again. They wander the desolate lands of the Abyss, hoping for some exit or opportunity that will bring them closer to this goal. One way out is to pact with a summoner, who can grant brief but wondrous forays into the living world.

Ghosts appear as a man with no legs, features hidden in bone white robes that flow over immaterial and insubstantial body to drift along behind it in whatever breeze is available. In combat, Ghost can be summoned with Ghost's Touch component. It should be noted that summoning a ghost is in direct convention of Lord Hades rule. A summoner who pacts a ghost and does not return them to the Abyss at the end of the contract will be fore-ever barred from Hades' realm. Cerberus can never forgive a summoner who intentionally helps a spirit escape his watchful warding of the Abyss and will refuse to deal with any summoner who does so, he will only grant them entry to the Abyss of Hades has not forbidden them to enter.

Out of combat, Ghost can work as a very ideal scout. Half invisible, and able to float, Ghost is quite eager to explore the living world. He can move twice as fast as a normal person running and will move in the direction the summoner sends him until the mana stops being paid or he finds what the summoner sent them to find, at which point he returns and reports. It costs 1 MP per second the ghost remains materialized. Taking any damage causes the Ghost to dematerialize instantly.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection 10

A summoner should note that all Ghosts have 1 final "Request" that must be satisfied. Their conditions for a pact will always revolve around this matter. Be it the chance to say good bye to a love one, or to pass a message on to someone. When this final request is completed the ghost may no longer be summoned as they pass onto the beyond.

These requests must be completed within 3 IC months or the upset spirit will no longer answer the call of the summoner. Each ghost that is satisfied however will usually indicate to the summoner another spirit who would be willing to talk and pact so the Ghost pact may be renewed.

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