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  • Information

A very powerful Lesser Spirit, Odin's right hand man, Gilgamesh is a master of all weapons. Those that revere Odin, either as their major deity or second only to the All Father, generally regard Gilgamesh as either Odin's first soldier or a saint in Odin's order. Gilgamesh is charged with the safety and security of the Great Keep, the great fortress that safeguards the border of the holy city Alexander.

Master Swordsman, great smith and Warden of the Keep, are but a few of Gilgamesh's titles, he stands eternal watch against the prison that holds Atomos' destruction from harming the world at large. It is in his care also that the Nethicite Prison of Ultima is kept. Locked deep within the keep, in chambers as secure as those that contain Atomos himself, for the leader of the Lucavi must eternally be contained.

Summoners who seek audience with Gilgamesh must first travel the to great keep and prove their worth with a demonstration of their martial skill. Gilgamesh does not have time for those who would waste his time or seek favour or revenge for petty reasons. He respects the warrior who wields weapons in battle and takes quiet, unflattering pride in bettering themselves. Rumor has it that Gilgamesh assumes the form of a mortal and travels the lands, though the tales and stories change every so often as to his goals leading some to ponder whether such tales are false or whether they speak a great deal about Gilgamesh's strange existence. The present stories say he seeks relic weapons, constantly in search of legendary tools of warfare.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 15, Crafting - 10, Brawl/Melee/Ranged - 15

It is also common for the summoner who wishes to pact Gilgamesh to offer him a sword as gift, a masterwork weapon is the only kind that would be accepted. Though anything truely unique would be welcome.

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