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  • Information

The Spirit of the Underworld, Death Himself, Lord of the Abyss. Not 'evil' in any sense as no spirit can be evil or good, they simply are as they are, too primal to be pigeonholed properly without losing sight of the truth. Hades is a guardian of the natural cycle, lending his entropy to the world to see the end of things whose time hath come. Those who pact with this dark being tend to gain a pale countenance and the scent of moss.

His duty and his realm act as the passing point, all souls who die are brought be it by DoomTrain, Valkyrie or by their own passing, no matter what their final destination, be it the halls of one of the great spirits, one of the myriad afterworlds or reincarnation. All souls must pass through the abyss first. Some pass swiftly, from the cool dry, greyness of the Abyss to the colour and warmth of their final resting place or new life, others linger, in ghost like silence, not yet ready to pass beyond the final gate.

Hades' summon can inflict the target(s) with all manner of horrible physical and mental maladies, some temporary, others not. The caller himself enjoys an extended dying time. Divide Hades' summon by five and add that to the usual three rounds before soul departure. The callers of Hades may not be forcefully reincarnated or resurrected by any mean. Pacting Hades usually requires performing a minor quest within the confines of the Abyss or its border realms. He is willing to offer advice to summoners though he will not reveal who has passed through his realm unless the inquery is accompanied by some form of gift or offering.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 18, Vitality - 18, Resistance - 18

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