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The Hall of Judgement stands alone outside the walls of shining Alexander. A tall ancient building of granite pillars, marble, lead roofs and ancient nobility and law. It is here that Mateus presides over the laws as set by the great council and the King himself, Bahamut the Dragon of the Pillars.

There are many laws and many regulations but those most commonly known to the mortal world are the so called Ancient Laws as set down by Mateus and upheld by the Judges. These ancient laws are the guiding principle of the quasi-religious order dedicated to Mateus and the Law.

The Ancient Laws

  • The thief once, his debt repaid twice over by gil or by labor, chastisement.
  • The thief twice, the rod and repayment twice over by gil or by labor.
  • The thief thrice, the stocks and the lash, and repayment thrice over by gil or labor.
  • The thief four times calls, he shall wear the brand of shame upon his brow, and he shall pay ten times over by gil or by labor.
  • The thief five times, and it shall be his hand.
  • The thief six times, and it shall be his eyes.
  • The thief seven times, and death unto him.
  • One that rapes shall be beat, until the one rapined and mother and father thereof calls to quit; this may be blows unto death, or as they see fit.
  • One that murders shall be hung, or slain upon the sword.
  • One that poisons shall be fed poison, black and terrible, until they choke, or they shall know the sword.
  • One that kills shall be hung, or he shall pay his life in labor, at the mercy of the family.
  • One that kills in battle fair shall know only the lash and labor to the family.
  • One that kills in battle grotesque shall know the rope or the sword, and lash only at the mercy of the family.
  • One that adulters shall know the rod, seven strikes, and shall repay the dowry unto the spouse.
  • One that beats another shall be so beaten, by fist or club, until justice wrought by Judge.
  • One that does arson shall be set to the torch themselves, unless the family wronged pleads clemency.
  • One that bears false witness shall know the sword.
  • One who spies shall have their eyes put out by pitch.
  • One who forges false document shall have the fingers that signed crushed by the club.
  • The Judge shall be of no country.
  • The Judge will bear not his own name, but that of his helm.
  • The Judge shall hold no bond or oath above the Law.
  • To the Judge: Hide your good works, lest the wicked know you.

By these Ancient Laws do the Judges preside; by these laws do they hide their names and faces from others. Their justice is often brutal and swift; and once carried out, marked and remembered. They give only the names assigned to their helm; as such, certain helms have been issued to successive owners, and each were known by that name.

It must be noted however that in those countries which recognize the Ancient Laws the Judges hold great power for justice and good. Not every government accepts the Judges right to act. After all Mortal Laws and mortal rulers have their own magistrates, guards with punishments set out for criminals that they see as just. Judges are always welcome to offer aid and assistance but if the government of the country has not given them permission to enact Mateus' laws then they would be breaking the law themselves to render judgement when they do not have jurisdiction.

It is a stickling point, many Judges would claim that as these laws come from the Spirit Mateus they supersede Mortal Law but the rulers just point to their patron diety and spirit and remind them that if they have not told them to follow Mateus' law then they shall not do so. Throughout history there have been cases where Mateus has tried to enforce her will of Law upon other spirits but the Great King has never ruled in favour of giving Mateus the right to dictate the law and jurisdiction of a Spirits realm and home. So nor should this apply to that spirits followers as long as there is just adherance to duty, law and tradition in their mortal society.

This point is what lead to the compromise that even if the Judge may not render judgement themselves their testimony and assistance in aiding local law enforcement officers bring criminals to justice through local law is always welcome for they are some of the most reknowned investigators known. The majority of Human and Hume cultures do accept the law of Mateus it tends to be primarily the non-human cultures who do not grant blanket permission to Judges. Viera, Bangaa, Dragons, Moogles etc. though they accept the law when travelling or living in other lands. In those places governed directly by their people their laws tend to come from the Patron spirit who founded and guards their culture. So the Viera living in Emberstrand will obey the local law but the Viera in the hidden forest enclave of the Viera will live by Viera law, culture and custom.

Visiting the Hall

To visit the hall is a simple thing, one need only make their way tot he Gardens of Tranquility outside of Alexander and walk until they locate the hall. Entry is free and all are welcome though mortal's should be aware. Crimes from the past that have not been judged and settled will be seen by those who serve within the Hall of Law and you could well be arrested and tried before the bar of Mateus for the wrong doings you have committed in life.

Generally though most people visit the hall to seek Audience with Mateus or to petition for access to the Law Library for research purposes. It is a grand building of marble floors, oak panels and fluted columns. Stained glass windows depicting the laws of Mateus line the corridors and halls whilst the arched roof of the great courts depict the face-less helms of the Judges that walk the world.

Spirit of the Hall

Mateus The patron spirit of Humanity, Mateus was once one of those who fell to the forces of Ultima, a being branded Luecavi but through reformation of spirit and conviction she abandoned the cause for the cause of the law and just. Hailing Humanity as her choosen race she sits firmly in her place within the hierarchy of the spirits to uphold law, justice and truth.

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