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Ice is a peculiar Spirit who does not fit the mold that most Spirits, even up to the mighty Bahamut himself, typically adhere to. While most spirits stay within their realms, be it from simply being content to do so or from being wary of stepping outside the bounds of their realm, and only step outside their realms on rare, and usually dire, occasions, Ice is instead a wandering soul, and can only rarely be found in her home realm of Mount Bervenia, where the Vaults she keeps, and thus her Temple, are located. She is on the move almost constantly through the Spirit Realms; and not just through the regions of Mount Bervenia itself, but often through other Spirit Realms as well. Even more unusual still, she is known, more than any other Spirit, to travel the Mortal realms as part of her random wanderings.

Contrary to what her name may imply, Ice is not a spirit of her namesake, and bears not even the most circumstantial relation to Shiva and her domain. Ice is, in fact, not an 'elemental' Spirit at all, but is instead known as the Treasure Keeper, and is master of the Great Vaults, where items and objects of great worth, power, and historical value, of both the Mortal and Spirit realms, from all eras of History and, some say, beyond, are kept, safe and secure. They say that no one but Ice herself knows the exact and actual location of the Great Vaults, but the symbol of her authority, an object of Power called the Master Key, is the key that opens the Great Vaults' locked doors.

While commonly considered the most approachable Spirit, described by some of the few Summoners who have met her throughout the course of history as amiable, friendly, and almost painfully normal in most ways, her wandering nature also makes her one of the hardest Spirits to actually meet, and there are only a handful of recorded cases where Summoners have succeeded in forming a Pact with her. It's likely that most of the people, Summoners or otherwise, who have encountered her never even realized exactly who it was they met. As such, any who intend to speak with her directly must find her first.

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Spirit Connection - 15

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