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  • Information

Hot, temperamentfull yet strangely fair and playful are a few phrases that sum up the Lord of Flame, Master of Fire, the great Ifrit. He is loyal to those whom manage to get him to side with them. Ifirit can be a difficult spirit to track down, Monarch of the Obsidian Peaks and it's inhabitants, he holds court high above the stony plains of his kingdom atop the Volcano Throne and his court is said to be mostly party and carousing with matters of import and state only intruding when truly neccessary.

His realm is one giant test however, for he approves of courage, of stalwart loyalty and strength, his lands designed to test the mettle and courage of those who would visit him. Ifrit has no time for fools, cowards or people who shirk their duties. When a summoner presents themselves before his throne often he will set impossible tasks that will result in failure. It does not matter to him if the summoner wins or looses, to him what truly matters is the trying, just so long as they take part without hesitation or cowardice, if they can prove themselves in this manner Ifrit will happily meet with them and normally give the successful summoner a surprise or two.

Some discussions of note in many a lengthy tome on the spirits has indicated that he is a bluff, no-nonsense spirit, he does not have the airs and graces of Shiva's court, or the calm collected wisdom of Ramuh but rather is more inclined to invite summoners for a flagon of something to drink and a long talk about women rather then get straight to business. In fact one should not press him to start talking business, when he is ready he will discuss it and never before.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 14, Athletics - 14, Endurance - 14

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