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  • Information

Mischief. That's about all you can say about Imp. Imp who also goes by the name Rael loves to pop in and spread confusion. Those who meet him against themselves often find themselves reduced to a size and shape less threathening to Imp himself. He hates big people, he despises swaggering braggarts who think they are so awesome just because they are taller then him. Which is... well everyone who is taller then 3 feet normally. He has a habit of shrinking them and playing maliciously fun games on them, or transforming them into pigs or toads for a laugh, he will never kill anyone but that doesn't stop him from playing with his own twisted sense of humour as the line.

Rael doesn't live in any one particular realm, he goes where ever he wants, popping in from court to court, flitting about the mortal realm and causing mischief. One of the places he does like to hang out is the Imposibility Palace that lies on the borders between Blizzana and Infernus. Summoners are recommended to look for him there but to be wary of never agreeing to anything if it is not worded in the most simple manner, he is a devil for twisting words and hidden meanings to extend his fun at a poor unwary mortals expense.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection 3, Subterfuge - 3, Performing - 3

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