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  • Information

The World Serpent Jourmungand, one of the great dragons of the spirit realm, first guardian of the Mount, Advisor to Bahamut and guardian of the primordial depths of the earth. The hidden places, darkest secrets and long lost treasures of the world fall under his jurisdiction. He dwells in a nest upon the dragon mount and when he is not surveying the hidden deptsh of earth he sleeps, dreaming of the world in all its ages. Nothing is forgotten and it is said that the dreams of the World Serpent are what keeps the world turning, and when he wakes, when the dreaming ends for however brief a time, then the world is in for great times of turmoil, change and strife.

For a Summoner to meet and pact Jourmungand, they must as with all the great dragons past the trials of Dragon Mount to reach their nest, though reaching their nest is no gurantee of an audience. For if the Dragon slumbers he must be woken up and for a summoner to recklessly and foolishly wake the world serpent without good reason and cause will bring his ire down upon them in full force. It is a risk, but one that some summoners believe is worth it and if Jourmungand agrees then they are lucky for they shall receive pact and aid from one of the great dragons of the spirit realm.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 22, Endurance - 22, Abjuration - 22

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