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  • Information

Ancient tradition holds that the alignments of the planets and the stars are the arbiters of fate, just as comets, novae, and other stellar phenomena are the harbingers of fateful events. These celestial events and predictions are within the realm of Andromeda, mistress of the Starfield. Few realize that Lady Luck makes her home in the Starfield, on a small golden planet floating in a corner of the realm. The planet itself is perfectly flat, its only feature a glittering gambling hall, Lady Luck's position here in the starfield where all is ordered is quite simple for those who have made a study of the cosmology. Lady Luck represents the random chance, the dice roll, the guess, the coin toss of fate, for though Andromeda and the spinning cosmos may weave fate and destiny like a shroud, it is luck however that represents the random chance that allows a person to forge their own destiny, to change the turning of the wheel and be something other then destiny may have proscribed.

While this is Lady Luck's home, she is not always present there; however, any who place a significent wager in her casino will come to her attention wherever she is, and if she is intrigued, she may choose to visit. One thing that Luck is known for is being the last port of call for those in desperate need, a chance to sping the Wheel of Fate in the hope of gaining aid from the Lady. One spin per life is permitted, some seek it for the sheet thrill of the unknown, others reluctantly spin the wheel in the hope of great gains from the lady for gambling all!

  • Requirements for Pact

Lady Luck, unlike many spirits, requires no summoning components to pact. She does, however, require any who pact her to demonstrate a willingness to place their faith in the whims of fortune. Before she will pact anyone, they must willingly wager their entire fortune on a game of pure chance, with at least an even chance of losing, and accept the result regardless of its outcome. (Minimum bet 600gil) While any attempt to influence the outcome of the wager will not necessarily upset the Lady, it will remove the element of pure chance and thus render the wager inadequate for Lady Luck's consideration.

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