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  • Information

Another of the Great Dragons is the being simply known as the "Mist Dragon" she is a powerful dragonic spirit in her own right, with a nest upon the slopes of the Dragon Mount her name is as shrouded in secrecy as the mists that form her body She appears as a being of fog, a mist bank taken the shape of a dragon, with lightening for eyes and ice crystal forming her claws and teeth. Her nest is said to be a place of dripping water, fog and twisting, confusing interlinked rivers, streams and lakes, not a safe place for the unprepared to wander, for the mists are known to claim those who wander in unawares of the dangers that lurk just out of sight.

To pact the mist dragon one must pass the trials of the Dragon Mount to enter her nest, she demands many things from summoners for her pact, picking something different each time, as ephemeral and ever changing as the mist and fog from which she is formed. It is not wise to cross the Mist Dragon either, for though she is older by far then the mist that laid waste to the old world, it is rumoured that she had a hand in causing it to be and still it echoes and moves at the direction of her thoughts when she puts her mind to it. Her power is both a blessing and a curse, as double edged as the mists themselves, the harm she causes to ones enemies will always reflect back upon the summoner though to a lesser extent.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 16, Evocation - 16, Alertness - 16

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