Misted Foothills

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All around the base of the mighty Dragon Mount are low hills covered in tall evergreen forest, rolling meadows and shrouded in an eternal layer of thick fog. Cold and damp it blows eternally over the land, pouring over hills and filling valleys only to spill down the far side in gently flowing waves. Somewhere above that fog the cold mountainside of the Dragon Mount rises toward the snow and stars but down here upon the foothills all is silent and the view of what lies above is blocked from sight.

To walk the paths of the foothills there is no method, no reason, no pattern. One must merely step forth with a confident heart and a determination to find what you seek. Bravery against the shadows and fog is all it takes to truly whether this path. For one is never truly alone, the constant feeling of eyes watching, shapes shifting in the darkness, pressing in close but never quite revealing more then a shadowy indistinct outline. The mists can lead to the path to the Mountains above, the last resting place of lost treasures or if they are truly brave the Mist Dragon.

Giving into the darkness, believing in what could be out there will make it so. The mist will shape itself into the darkest of nightmares if you let your mind dwell on what could be there. Waver for just a moment and the shadows will coalesce, the fog draw back to reveal the heart of terror. Only by being steadfast and true can one pass through the deep fog and find the start of the winding path that leads further up the mountain.

Willpower+Fortitude is the roll required to be steadfast and true with a TN of at least 14 to hold true to the path. This is required for each member of the party. Success will allow the traveller to pass through the mist and out to their destination. Those seeking lost treasure or the mist dragon will find her some place where the Mist is thickest. Those seeking treasure will normally be faced by great challenges concocted by the landscape to test those who would seek it, hampered all the time by the handicap of the mists. The path through the mist and up to the Path of Virtue will show itself to those who are able to push through the darkness and the Mist Dragon will find those who seek her if they prove themselves worthy of audience.

Failure will result in the characters darkest nightmare manifesting. It cannot be harmed by anyone but the character who conjured it up and it will only try to harm the character who's nightmare it is. However other people in the party will be able to see it and probably be terrified by it. They can offer moral support to whoever summoned the dark twisted nightmare but cannot directly harm it.

Resilience+Resistance are required with a TN of 12 to be able to summon enough courage to strike the creature down! Failure to do so will result in Death or being cast into the void. If the Nightmare is able to be confronted the traveller may push on but 24 hours must pass with Willpower+Fortitude rolls to stave off the darkness at least twice more before they can move on through the mists.

Spirit of the Mist

The Hidden Dragon, Lady Weather, The Mist Dragon are but a few of the names this elusive dragon claims. She is a dragon of mystery and guards many secrets and lost items. Few seek her out for the tasks she sets those who come to her are varied and always difficult. Often involving the need for sacrifice and balance

Mist Dragon

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