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  • Information

Patron monarch of the fae creatures known as Moogles and Mogs. He can be a hard spirit to win over if you happen to be of different breeding. This spirit can be as annoying, if not more so, than it is helpful for it embodies all of the personality quirks inherent in his physical children. All Moogles worship and revere him, it is fact to them that he is the father of their race, the leader, the warrior and if he should deign to speak a command to his wayward, wild children they will obey it with the same enthusiasm and energy they would dedicate to anything else.

Mog is a shining example of his brethern, but unlike most Moogles, he moves with an otherworldy rhythm, the beat he dances to is continous, each movement, step and sway is made to the tune that only he and the rare few moogles blessed by him can hear. It is said to be the beat of the Universe, the never ceasing music of creation flowing through him and his choosen Oracles. He dwells within the Hall of Mog in the City of Alexander, a place where the souls of Moogles and Mogs awaiting reincarnation gather to wait their turn to be sent back to Terra by their lord, for it is said that once a child of Mog your soul is forever marked as his and those rare souls who are blessed or cursed with Moogle shape during their life will upon their passing discover they have become one of the largest and most caring families that exist, a moogle is never alone.

Mog himself when not in the Hall of Mog can usually be found in the company of his lord Famfrit, both as protector, advisor and aid to the golem spirit of Revolution. Mog loves technology, loves engineering and adores nature, aspects that are seen reflected in his children to a lesser or greater extent. Though most notice after meeting the pair that Famfrit keeps Mog close at hand so as to be able to temper his enthusiasm for running off and getting into mischief. For it is well known that Mog is a creature who enjoys mischief, partying and generally having fun when there are no forces of darkness to smite.

Those times when Mog is not in the company of Famfrit are when he walks abroad amongst the mortals, watching, listening, advising his children either openly or in secret, he cares deeply for those who carry his curse and his blessing. They are his family, his children and he will do anything he can to aid their research, endeavours and dreams to bear fruit and come to be.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 12, Performing - 10, Agility - 12

Will always meet with any Moogle who wishes to see him

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