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The Spirit World is the collective name for the realms in which the spirits of Ivalice dwell. These realms are places of mystery, places where thought and reality meet shaped by the will of their lord to reflect the type of place they wish to dwell within. It is rumoured all of these realms are connected one to the other in a great hierarchy of thought and form that centres around the hub of Alexander the great city of spirits. Many rumours exist about how one may enter the realms of the spirits. At one time it was said summoners departed the world through portals into the primordial void and had to travel through hazardous atmospheres to reach their destinations. Other's claim they could only be reached by imploring the terrestial spirits for admitance or by finding a crack in the world that would grant access to the realms. Some of the Great Spirits are also said to open the passage for those who draw their attention.

In this day and age however it is documented that the method for reaching the home-realms of the spirits lies in the hands of the priests of those spirits. Generally a portal can be opened from the sanctum of the Grand Temple dedicated to the spirit on Ivalice. Each realm is different and reflects the nature of the spirits who dwell there, some are welcoming and petitioning for passage is easy whilst others are hostile or jealously guarded and entreating for entrance is not so easy often requiring great sacrifice or quests to gain permission to step through. Entrance to the realm is often just the first step on a journey and a meeting with the spirits who dwell there is not guranteed even then for if one cannot wheather the challenges the realms have prepared for them they may find themselves ejected back to Ivalice or worse.

Those who do travel to the realms of the spirits often returned changed from their experience, they are not places to enter lightly or unprepared but the rewards of success are the stuff of legends.

Realm Description Regions Domain Main Portal/Temple Resident Spirits
The Abyss Land of Dead where Hades Rules and shepherds the departed to their final destination. Deadwood, Station, Catacombs Death Necropolis of Nubswood Hades, Tonberry King, Cerberus, The Doomtrain, Ghosts
Akashic Library The sum total of knowledge, secure and safe from the passage of time. Main Library, Vault of Memory Knowledge Temple of the Sage - Cerobi Steppes Ramuh, Carbuncle, Mephistopheles, Asura
Alexander_City The Holy City, Corner stone of Civilisation Alexander, Lost City, Hall of Judgement Civilisation Holy City of Bur-Omisace Alexander, Seraphim, Guardian, Sister Ray, Famfrit, Mateus
Dragon Mount The home of the Ancient Dragons Misted Foothills, Path of Virtue, The Weyr, Portal of the World, Falls of Hope, Twelve Pillars Power Twealth Peak Temple - Kudik Peaks Bahamut, Jormungand, Valigarmanda, Taoryu, Mist Dragon
Eternal Ocean The Ocean realm of Leviathan, Where all waters eventually flow. Archipelago, The Deeps, Coral Palace Water Ocean Temple - Isle of Winds Leviathan, Bismarck, Undine, Siren, Lakshmi, The Doomship
Kailasa Realm of Ice and Snow where Queen Shiva and Winter Rules Snowplains, Ice Castle, Pack-Ice Ice Cathedral of Frost - Starese Glacier Shiva, Frost, Imp
Obsidian Peaks Realm of Fire, heat and Volcanoes where passions run wild and danger abounds. Fireplain, Volcano Throne, Ash Forest, Lake of Flame Fire Crypt of Flame - Nam-Yensa Sandsea Ifrit, Phoenix,, Salamander Imp
Pangaea The earth realm where the laws of nature rule Steppes, Primordial Forest, The Ampitheatre Earth The Causeway Shrine - Ozmonfield Titan, Demeter, Exodus, Catoblepas, Fenrir
Starscape The domain of fate, of chance and time where the universe sings its eternal song. Galaxies, Constellations, Hall of Mog, Casino Time & Space Holy City of Bur-Omisace Andromeda, Mog, Lady Luck, Cait Sith
Tempest Steppes Great open expanse of grassland where the storm rains lightning eternally upon the earth The plains Lightning Lightning Nexus - Cerobi Steppes Ramuh, Ixion, Quetzacoatl
Valhalla The realm of war, two islands hung in a blue sky where the heroic dead wage war and celebrate The Islands, The Keep Valkyrie Palace. War Monument to the Fallen - Cyril Odin, Gilgamesh, Odin's Valkyries
Vaults of Heaven The open spaces where the air spirits rule, home of the Hurricane Open Skies, Cloud Castle, Hurricane, Eye of the Storm Air Shrine of the Wind - Lutia Pandemona, Valefor, Bismarck, Sylph
The Void The darkness outside of creation, the beginning place and end point Entropy Field, The Prison The Cycle Unknown Diabolos, Mephistopheles

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