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Summoners are unique among the magicians of Terra. Where traditional Red, Black, and White Magicians and their offshoots manipulate the arcane energies that suffuse the planet, Geomancers bring themselves closer to the spiritual and physical center of the world, and Blue Mages befriend the monsters of the mists and learn their secrets, a Summoner is part mage, part diplomat, as well as a physical, living bridge between the mortal plane and the realms beyond.

While they have the talent for more common magics, and may learn spells as any other mage, their true talent lies in their abiity to deal with the Spirits, whose needs and minds are incomprehensible to most mortal folk. Even those adherants to the religions of the spirits cannot be said to truly known the mind of their patron. The path of the Summoner is as fraught with danger as any other adventurer, in some ways perhaps more so, for a Summoner is dependent of the whims of beings far above their ken. The pilgrimages to grand temples across the countries of Terra are in themselves perilous journeys in their own right but the greater step of enterring the realms themselves to seek the final approval of their patron can be fraught dangers and encounters beyond the imagining of mortal minds to dream up.

As no two mages of the same school may work in precisely the same manner, so it is with the Summoners. The common image of the Summoner is one who calls the power of the Spirits into the mortal plane, their enemies stricken by Odin's gaze or incinerated by Ifrit's fires, their allies restored by Sylph's kiss or cleansed in Undine's healing waters.

But, these are not the only Summoners that walk the paths of the world, some draw the power of the Spirits into their bodies, becoming the living symbol of that power. The warrior-maiden who wields the Sword of the Valkyrie, the sailor who plucks a cannon from the Doom Ship, the warrior who grows Cerberus' terrifying heads to loose destruction upon his enemies, these are the Spirit Channelers, summoners who become the vessel through which the Spirits wield their might.

Then there are those Summoners whose nature allows them to draw the Spirit into the mortal realm to fight in their place. By trading their own ability to act, they beseech the Spirits to act in their stead. Few will argue the disparity of this exchange, however, as they stare down Ixion's sparking horn, or tremble before the gleaming blades of Gilgamesh. These are the Avatar masters those rare few Summoners who are the very essence of the bridge between Mortal and Spirit calling forth the mighty servants of the realms as well as the Master's themselves to do battle in their stead.


The Pact is the source of a Summoner's power, the spiritually binding contract by which the spirit agrees to provide the use of their power at need, in exchange for some service to the Spirit. Typically, this takes the form of a quest, or deed the Spirit will ask to be done, the completion of which will grant the Summoner some measure of the Spirit's power. For a typical Summoner, this will take the form of the spell that calls the Spirit's power as described. For the Channeler, these common pacts grant them the ability to summon an artifact tied to the Spirit, bolstering their abilities and granting them greater potential for victory.

For the avatar masters, this allows them the means to draw the Spirit or their lesser servants into the realm of Mortals to do battle at their side. To valiantly stand side by side with the heroes of the age and bring their power to bear to strike down their foes in ways that are both intimidating and unbeliable to the uneducated.

One rule that I am just popping in here to make nice and clear. A Summoner may only ever have 1 Level 3 Major Pact, regardless of what type of summoner they are

Types of Pacts


Level 1 - Flash Summons -- The very basic level of pact, not truly a pact as it does not involve direct interaction with the spirit. The summoner must visit their local temple dedicated to the spirit of their choice and through prayer, dedication and hard work can learn to unlock the mysteries of that spirits power in exchange for mana.

((System wise this is essentially handled by the player purchasing the requried spell from the Summoner Job. A summoner can purchase between level 1 - 12 in the spirits spell. It is assumed IC that the summoner has visited the temples of their spirit to learn the spell from the priests there))


Level 2 - Minor Pact -- This is the first level of pact with a spirit. It requires an IC pilgrimage to the High Temple of the spirit. An ardous journey as many of these temples lie far from civilisation or in exotic cities that are spread far and wide across the land. Once the summoner has reached the temple of choice he must seek counsel and guidance from the High Priest to better understand the spirit they wish to serve. Through these actions their connection with the Spirit grows stronger as bonds of power are forged between the Summoner and the spirit under the tutorledge and guidance of their High priest.

((In system terms this grants the PC access to levels 13 - 18 in the Spirits spell. This does require an IC pilgrimage across the world to the High Temple in the form of a TP which can be run by any member of Staff or player Judge. These tend to be great chances for adventures, fights with monsters and a chance to explore more of the world of CoI with a group of other players. The adventure in reaching the temple is half of the fun.))


Level 3 - Major Pact -- At this stage, the summoner has gone beyond the average agreement of mana for power, and has pledged service to the Spirit's ideals. To attain such a pact the Summoner must leave behind the mortal realm, journey once more to the Grand Temple and ask permission from the High Priest to make use of their portal and enter the spirits home realm in search of pact, honour and power. Such a mission is not easy, fraught with danger and strange sights that are beyond the ken of normal mortals but an experience that many a man will treasure all their lives from being granted the chance to see the splendours and wondrous nature of the spirit realms. Reaching the realm and finding the spirit is only half the journey however, a final test or quest will be demanded from the Summoner and these tests tend to truly put them to the test in manners both clever, insightful and sometimes deadly. For the summoner who can pass however the rewards are great.

((System wise this final pact grants the Summoner access to levels 19 - 24 in the Spirits spell. It also grants them an additional personalised power granted to them by the Spirit. Always in keeping with the spirits Domain and powers this extra gift is the final reward for long service to the summoner. Examples might be the ability to heal lost limbs granted by Undine or the Knowledge to locate hidden scrolls or books from Ramuh. These pacts may only be run by members of the CoI Wiz-Core.))


Level 1 - Minor Artifact-- The Channeler is a powerful Summoner who does not seek the power of the spirit directly but more a means to conenct with them and imbue their equipment with power and energy drawn from the domain of the spirit to aid them. This Artifact will usually be a weapon or piece of clothing, though some manifest as tokens held in hand. The Cannon of the Doom Ship, Vhale's searing helm, are examples of such an Artifact. IC wise to gain such a pact the Summoner has to visit the local temple of the spirit in question and spend time learning the ways of that spirit and how to access their power and call forth the special item that they have been granted access too.

((System wise - Enterring a Channelling pact with a spirit grants you access to the "Special Item" for that spirit, this Minor Artifact is the same for each person and when summoned through the use of MP replaces one of their items with the summoner item for the duration. This level of pact does not require Staff intervention or TP just the expenditure of XP to access to the item summoning ability.))


Level 2 - Physical Aspect -- Going beyond the use of tokens and weapons to wield the Spirit's power, the Channeler who enters into pacts of servitude as the Summoner above take on a physical resemblance to the Spirit they channel. Cerberus' heads, the wraithlike arm of Ghost, Valkyrie's armored wings are examples of a Channeler Aspect. Like with Summoners to attain the Physical Aspect the Chaneller must travel to the High Temple of the Spirit and see guidance and knowledge from the High Priest, learning from them and strengthening their ties with the spirit to call upon the aspect of their power.

((System Wise a Physical Aspect pact gives the summoner access to a details to be forthcoming This type of pact must be run as a TP that can be run by Player Judge or a member of Staff as the pilgrimage to the temples of the spirits is not an easy task to undertake. These tend to be great chances for adventures, fights with monsters and a chance to explore more of the world of CoI with a group of other players. The adventure in reaching the temple is half of the fun.))


Level 3 - Gift of Spirit -- At this stage, the Channeler who has given themselves over to the servitude of a Spirit become nothing more or less than that Spirit's Avatar on the mortal plane. A Channeler of Ifrit will burst into flame, tearing into his enemies with searing claws of firestone, while Hades' Channeler becomes a skeletal figure wreathed in darkness and smoke, his every word bringing doom to his enemies. To attain such power the Chaneller must leave behind the mortal realm, travelling to the temple of the spirit and petitioning the High Priest for access to the portal to the spirit realm. If they are granted leave to enter the realm the quest has only just begun they must weather the strange and peculiar landscape of the spirit realm, locate the home of their would be patron and make their case for pact. Normally they will be required to perform some great task or quest to prove themselves worthy of this pact.))

((IC this type of pact quest can only be run by a member of the CoI Wiz-Core, it will lead to a personalised item or aspect summoning that is designed specifically for the summoner in question to reflect their personality and their relationship with the spirit))

Avatar Master

Level 1 - Minor Servant -- The Avatar Master is a summoner who connects directly with the servants of the spirits realm, calling them forth to aid them in battle. This summoning type replaces the mortal on the field of battle with the summoned avatar to do battle in their stead. These spirits are generally met upon the mortal realm or called forth from the spirit realms within the confines of the local temples and a pact is made between Summoner and elemental being. The agreement is generally along the lines that they will learn and grow together as one thus benefiting both Summoner and Elemental.

((This level of pact does not require staff intervention, it merely requires the expenditure of XP in the required Job component to grant access to the ability to summon the basic avatar for the Domain in question. The avatar has HP and MP of their own and replaces the Summoner on the batllefield. The PC has control of the summoned NPC until such time as they are dismissed or defeated. In IC Terms it is taken as rote that the summoner has been spending the required time in the temple of the spirits, learning from the priests how to commune with and summon one of the elemental creatures of the realm.))

Level 2 - Major Servant -- Having forged true and long lasting bonds of friendship and respect with their noble spirit companions the summoner of the Avatar path is ready to forge a stronger bond to give more of themselves. A pilgrimage must be made to the High Temple of the spirit, travelling across the dangerous lands of the world. There under the tutorlege and guidance of the high priest and his acolytes the Avatar Master can learn to dedicate more power and energy to the summoning and help their elemental companion to reach new heights of power to be a more formidable force upon the battlefield.

((The upshot of this pact is the Spirit whow answers the call of the Summoner will learn and be granted new insights and powers permitting them to grow stronger. This type of pact must be run as a TP that can be run by Player Judge or a member of Staff as the pilgrimage to the temples of the spirits is not an easy task to undertake. These tend to be great chances for adventures, fights with monsters and a chance to explore more of the world of CoI with a group of other players. The adventure in reaching the temple is half of the fun.))

Level 3 - The Spirit's Grace -- The final test for the Avatar Summoner, the transformation of their pact from a personal bond between themselves and their long time companion into a new and more powerful bond of trust and energy between the Summoner, their spiritual companion and the spirits of the realm. Journeying once more to the High Temple they must petition the High Priest for access to the gateway to the spirit realm. Once there they must journey to the throne of their choosen spirit and through quest, chore or great task prove their worth to be pacted directly with the spirit and be granted their power.

((System Terms the summoner and their spirit avatar forge a bond with one of the Spirits of the domain in question. When summoned to the battle field the avatar has the option to open themselves to the power of the the spirit and allow themselves to become vessel for their patron. Acting as a conduit with the aid of their summoner they are able to bring for the earthly visage and avatar of the spirit onto Terra physically. Once summoned in such a manner the spirit joins the fray. The NPCs HP and MP are greatly increased and they gain access to the highest level of spells for the domain of the spirit summoned.))

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