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  • Information

The 'dragon of balance' whose sphere is the maintenance of the balance between civilization and nature; ensuring that neither grow so powerful as to wipe out the other. Taoryu's notable hatred firearms has earned it a slowly growing following among the Burmecian's who prefer more traditional weapons. Taoryu frequently asks menial tasks of his summoners a few times a year, always with the goal of environmental balance in mind (cleaning up a site, weeding a field, killing off some vermin-species from an area). He is found in the Weyr his strange techno-organic city upon the slopes of Dragon Mount, as with all the great Dragon spirits just reaching his home and seeking audience is only the first part of the challenge.

He appears as a large, fierce and regal dragon, the color of fire and gold. His eyes however are said to be filled with compassion for the world he sees beyond, the secrets of balance and the ever turning forces of entrophy which would plunge the world into despair and destruction for eternity. He chafes at the single mindedness of mortals and their desire to go to the extreme and praises those who can see beyond emotion and instinct to embrace the powerful forces of Balance.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 20, Alchemy - 20, Knowledge - 20

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