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After successfully locating the entrance to the Path of Balances a summoner leaves the road of virtue behind them and will be faced with four challenges of balance. The road may cross imense heights along the side of the mountain, tiny spurs of rock that must be traversed. It could delve into a cavern of mystery where matters of equilibrium come into play.

Judge Information

The type of test and what the path looks like is up to the judge's discretion, they should relate in some way to balance but do not feel like you have to stick with things as simple as balancing your way across a narrow bridge. Be inventive and make it as abstract and inventive as you like. The key focus should be the balancing of something be it a set of physical objects, something philosophical or mathematical, the choice is yours just remember that it should be difficult and the summoner is meant to solve it themselves. They can have companions with them on the trip but anyone directly helping them solve the puzzle will result in the puzzle being declared void and an extra puzzle having to be faced and solved, probably something extra fiendish and abstract.

The solution to a puzzle could demand a roll be made or simply be found through roleplay and the correct interpretation of the information presented by the Judge. Mix it up a little and use both solution options to really test the summoner and make it feel like they have earned their victory. Also note that all four tests have to be passed successfully to pass to the Weyr, failing one test is not a disaster a new test will just have to be passed but failing two tests will see the summoner back on the lower slopes of the mountain, near the mist line and the Path of Balances shall hide from them for at least an IC month.

The Weyr

Once a summoner completes the path of Balances they will be able to pass through a long tunnel, the walls are of metal and woven with beautiful flowering vines. It is a short, fragrant walk that leads to the mighty home of Taoryu, it is a place were technology and nature have been blended together to create a sustainable ecosystem. Built on a flat mesa somewhere on the slopes of Dragon Mount the buildings of the Weyr all reach toward the sky, their unimaginable height might be pale when compared to the mountain but they are taller then any building on Terra.

Glass, plants, steel and wood all blended together, powered by the light of the sun which shines upon this natural city, water is pumped from a winding river that crosses the plateau and every street is bedecked with trees, flowering shrubs and insects that appear to have been bred to compliment the city and thrive in the atmosphere. Nothing is wasted, everything is recycled after it has been used, the technology that is visible is a mixture of Biological and glistening high technology, seamless and nearly indistinguishable from magic in the way it lives in harmony with nature.

The residents of the Weyr are a strange mixture, there are spirits of nature and spirits of technology living in harmony, bustling about their lives and duties, each person seems to have their place in the city. Geomancers, Mechanics and Technicians living and working alongside gardeners, farmers, botanists and animal handlers. It is said that some of the spirits that dwell here, those dedicated soully to Terra and the preservation of the line between civilisation and nature are the spirits of the dead who have been judged worthy to live on here in the Weyr. They are a friendly bunch and always welcoming of visitors, apt to throw a party in celebration at the arrival of mortals from Terra and to aid them in navigating this city of glistening technology and blooming plants.

Spirit of the Weyr

The 'dragon of balance' whose sphere is the maintenance of the balance between civilization and nature; ensuring that neither grow so powerful as to wipe out the other. He dwells within the highest spire of the Weyr, a mighty tower that also houses the many departments and guilds who help to maintain and oversee the running of the city. He is always welcoming of visitors who come seeking him but those who seek his favour or pact are often given a task that will benefit Terra so a summoner should be prepared to be given a task that might have no glory attached to it but is simply what must be done.


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