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A program that allows players to unlock information about historical events, bestiary info, notable NPCs, etc.

  • Possible Addon; entries that give scaling detail based on the player's Knowledge skill. This would require four separate entries per subject, but would also be helpful for academic-oriented characters.
  • (Biiiig Maybe) Link Blue Magic to Lorebook somehow?


A program that will allow people to post up notes for staff to look over and respond to.

  • Ideally it'll be organized in groups (plots, system questions, economy, code to name a few).
  • Perhaps tied into a mail program so that when notes are added those who have assigned themselves to it or put it up (staff and players respectively) will be alerted.
  • The ability for those who are given judge bits to see and respond to Plots requests.. etc.

+glance, or an equivalent program that gives a quick listing of people visible in the room, and a short description of them, no more than one or two lines. -- This variable should be stored in 'editplayer', so that players know and understand that this should be filled in.

Web Client

A direct-connect web client to connect to Chronicles of Ivalice, through the wiki sidebar. Ideally spawning a tabbed window that would connect directly to the game, and offer the functionality of modern MU* clients.

RP Roll History Log

A way of looking up RP command rolls performed by a player or in the room at a later time.