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Melton, the Gift Giver. Very little is known about Melton. His true name, where he is from, and his past are all a mystery. What is recorded of Melton is scattered reports across the world. His first known appearance was in 893. He was marked as being captured and jailed for breaking into the Arcadian library, stealing some books, and burning them. The books were rare books on ancient military accounting and airships. He managed to escape in two days. The judges pursued him up to the Nalbina Mountains. They mysteriously lost him along with a judge. The judge showed up two months later with no memory of what happened. The next recent recording of Melton comes two years later in Bejurba, 08/19/895. The airship docks were attack by ship origin unknown, black design and very fast. The strike snuck past the security in the middle of the night on a new moon. Several high end power cores were taken along with a hefty amount of magicite. This is the first recorded sighting of the Black Cloud ship. Rumors have it though Captain Black, did not appear as the captain of the ship until a year later. That the event has Melton as second in command under a Captain Evens. These events are skeptical at best, as some of the survivors as only noted as mentioning the captain deferring to a Melton that was with them, scared of the man. The survivors who submitted this name died in weeks and most of the reports were lost. Melton would not be heard from again until 898. In a incident down in Rozzaria. The man's name appears on a registry log to a hotel in the city of Levenlede. Melton has signed up as a research to a hidden lab in the city. The lab was a top secret magitech lab, where the Rozarrians were trying to develop more powerful airship engines. The lab exploded mysteriously in 899. In 06/23/899 Melton would be seen again on the fallen island of As'trek'vila. Which at the time was being used by the Black Cloud pirates for a illegal magicite mining operation using slave labor. The island fell into the ocean while a group of adventurers. He was believe to be a private investigator at the time. The last sighting was in 01/15/900 that Captain Bubbles of the pirate hunter ship Achilles reported seeing Melton. Along with a description of the Shiva class warship Dead Nation. Reporting that Melton has designs to become a new greater spirits and make his own realm among the spirits. Clearly Melton is a mad man. A threat though due to the amount of power he has already amassed and experiential subjects he has creation. Any other in depth research will find a few references to a Melton Trifcon from Mt. Bur Omisace. The man referenced was a lesser priest of Ramuh, starting in 850. He worked as a researcher and geomancer in the libraries. Yet there are no other records of the man, only that he mysteriously vanished in 860.

Melton, Lord of Desire. Portfolio: Desire, manipulation, control. Melton believes everybody has a deep seated desire in them. Things like money and bodily lust are trivial to him. He seeks to find the deeper desires, and twist them with magic, and bring them out. The example of Captain Black, a Agyle who lost his wings. The desire to fly was a desire and obsession, something brought out in a twisted manner. By collecting the wings of others he gave them to Black, allowing him to fly. Yet the nature of the wings themselves twisted Black, causing his obsession to consume him and twist his soul. This is what Melton seeks, to become a spirit that can give people their greatest desires and bring them out.

Structure: Melton has enlisted the aid of several people. Granting them their desires, this has twisted them under Melton's control. He needs magical power to achieve what he desires most, to become a spirit of his own desires. So each twisted is tasked with gathering various materials, from magicite, magical items, raw materials, to who knows what else. He only deals with the twisted, and leaves them to gather their own minions and lackeys. The Dead Nation ship is run and operated by a select crew of Melton's own picking. The ship is also filled with rejected experiments and less intelligent monsters. Just in case somebody ever managed to get aboard his ship. People wishing to run anything can easily create from scratch a twisted, their set up, and run an adventure for it. There are no real constraints on what can be done, from a base, to airship, to well a corrupted city. The twisted are empowered by Melton's twisted magics. They have some unique ability linked to whatever their greatest desire was. Melton never gives his gift, as he calls it, to somebody who just wants money or pleasure.