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Gateway Path

The Breath of Bahamut's Children will Illuminate the Past

Are the words that surmount the mighty stone archway that leads into the Gateway Path, leaving the surface of dragon mount behind the summoner must pass through the brilliant murals that depict the ages and history of Terra in silent images. Each room is sealed, no doors, no windows just four walls and a ceiling covered in the most beautiful of murals. Countryside scenes, city scenes, mighty dragons rising into the sky, fighting, reading or just looking back with eyes of gemstone. Flying islands, towering spires, endless libraries. Each mural tells a story in pictures, showing the races of the world in equal numbers but always linked to Dragons in some way.

The murals are integral to navigating the Gateway Path. Hidden in each mural is a doorway, the key is being discerning enough to find the reflection, the picture, the tapestry that will lead you to the next chamber. The path meanders deep beneath the Dragon Mount and only by navigating the murals can you hope to find your way be it deeper down or to leave and return to the world outside. Reports vary on there being anything from ten to fifty caverns that need to be navigated to find the Portal of the World were one might approach the head of the mighty world dragon in his slumber.

Judge Information

Judges who are running scenes in the Gateway Path should feel free to make it fiendishly difficult, it is no easy task and players should be made to work to find the trick in each chamber. Sometimes it could be simple and in plain sight but others should make it hidden and tricky to locate. Feel free to create minature adventures, draw summoners and their companions into the Murals, have them have to work together to unlock the doorway to the next chamber. The skills you should be focussing on are Intelligence, Insight and Attunement.

Make it clear to each player that they are not going to get back out of the room they are in until they find the door, where that door takes them next is up to the Judge. But no less then ten Mural chambers must be passed to successfully reach the great Portal.

Dragon History

The Breath of Bahamut's Children will Illuminate the Past

This sentence is repeated constantly throughout the texts on terra that speak of the Gateway Path, it is rumoured that the path shows the secret history of the Dragon Race throughout the ages. This history however can only be revealed by a True Dragon and a sensible dragon goes alone to keep the secret of their true identity hidden. If a Dragon Character is interested in exploring the past of their culture and race and wishes to risk the dark mysteries of the Gateway Path please contact Thirteen or Silvante.

The Portal

Emerging through the doorway of the final Mural Chamber mortals will find themselves before a massive stone arch. Beyond the portal a stone balcony juts out into a dark void. There is no illumination beyond the baulstraude and the balcony itself is only illuminated by a single glowing crystal orb set in the apex of the archway.

Standing on the edge of the balcony visitors will be caressed by a warm wind that blows in regular intervals, the breath of Jormungand in his slumber. Lights shone into the darkness will reveal a beautiful scaled form and resting atop a large column of stone some distance from the balcony mighty dragonic head head. The World Serpent Jourmungand slumbers here, dreaming the earth dream, communing with his companion spirits by thought and dream, touching Terra in his every moment. He will lower his head to speak with those on the audience platform should he be woken, the portal of the world exists purely for the purpose of speaking to the mighty dragon.

Waking the mighty world dragon is no easy feat and be warned waking him can cause tremors to strike Terra and the spirit world as his mighty, unseen form stirs. Waking him without good reason, cause or righteous purpose will bring down his anger but should he find you worthy of audience he will reward you with wisdom, aid and advice that can be matched by few other spirits.


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