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The tension in the air before a battle, the pitched screaming during it, and the deathly silence intermingled with the soft moans of the injured afterwards. Battle is a spirit that exists only for conflict. The reason for the battle, or its ultimate result, means nothing to Battle. Battle makes a strange ally, since they tend to have no true care for the well being of their callers, only a desire to revel in violence. Battle can only be found on the first island.


Battle does not usually manifest physically, instead appearing most often as sounds. Battle's favorite is the sound of marching feet, but death cries and desperate shouts can also provide for emotionally charged means of communication.


Any summoner approaching Battle for a pact will be given the name of an ally. They must attack the ally without warning and with all their strength until they or the ally is defeated. The ally cannot be informed of the reasoning behind the assault until the battle is concluded. If the ally is pre-warned in ANY fashion, Battle will forsake the summoner and never pact with them.

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