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  • History

A great whale-like spirit that can swim through the land and air just as easily as the water. However, when it comes to its pacters in time of need, it always releases a great flood of water to engulf the enemies and wash away the battle. A fairly easy enough Spirit to get along with, this Lesser Spirit is happy with most pacters that are friendly, but is flightly, and will vanish if it feels threatened.

Bismarck lives within the Deep Blue, generally floating near the surface and he will always surface fully when a summoner finds him and gives indication that they wish to speak with him. He is a gentle spirit for the most part, concerned with water and the oceans both upon Terra and in the spirit realm, he has been known in the past to end droughts and to reign in floods.

  • Rules for Pacting

(To be filled in once Summoning System is established.)

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