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  • History

The fell Catoblepas charges onto the battlefield in a great thundering of hooves, flailing legs casting great clouds of earth up in his wake. The large green-furred beast that skids to a halt in front of the Summoner is almost pathetically ugly, bearing the body of an ox with a serpentine neck barely strong enough to hold its great, pig-like head at ground level. Seemingly aware of the silent scorn of his observers. He is a fell spirit of the earth, he makes no friends, he offers no quarter, no quests and riddles, he is a base elemental spirits whose presence instills dear into the human mind, whose gaze carries the deadly curse of stone for those who fail his test or face him in battle they must first resist the terror of his gaze before being struck down by the power of Break, left as a reeling statue of stone.

For a summoner to pact him he will challenge them to combat, forming an avatar of himself on equal footing and demand they beat it. One defeat and he will send them away in scorn telling them to train harder. A second defeat however and the summoner risks being transformed into stone, left at the mercy of Catoblepas as a warning to those who would challenge him and fail. He dwells in the depths of Pangaea, in the deep forests, far from the plains and mountains, in the darkness and subtle shadow of the earth and woodland realm.

  • Rules for Pacting

(To be filled in once Summoning System is established.)

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