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Welcome to a land filled with a Fantasy that is never truly Final. the world of Ivalice has seen cataclyms and triumphs, villains and heroes, magic and mystique, industry and intrigue all flowing together into the story we write together.

Our story takes place in the city of Emberstrand, a thriving cliffside city that caters to industry and airships. whether you wish to play an Air Pirate, a master Mage or simply a happy-go-lucky performer, the first step is to prepare yourself for the game. Below, you may see notices for various commands that will help you along the way. Prepare yourself for fun and adventure and read on!

Character Development

All characters should begin with a basic concept. Preferably you will already have a background for that character, but it isn't required at this time. The concept, however, will be important in the building of your character.

Some of the very first things which you'll want to decide upon will be race, gender, age, appearance and job. Once decided upon you'll want to type 'editplayer' and begin filling out the fields (in particular options 2, 3, 4 and 9. Selections 10 and 11 are optional while the rest are unneeded). For information on the races offered please type +bbread 12 (more information will be added to the racial postings in time) and +bbread 16 to read over the racial histories (again more will be posted in time).

Once you've filled out the editplayer fields you will next want to type 'options' and then select the option for the IC Menu. On this field you will want to fill out fields 1-10 (with the exception of 6 which is irrelevant). Options 2 and 13 are optional. This information will all be visible in your +finger. (The options for Series, Class, Alignment and Edit Stats are not appicable at this time). We do not require any of the ooc information be filled out.

Character Generation

Once a basic concept is had it's time to begin actually building up your character.

To start the character generation process type: +chargen

When chargen begins you will have 8 in all of your attributes and will be offered 40 points to assign among those stats. Additionally you may choose to lower a stat down to 6 and gain 1 point per amount lowered (max of 2 for each). When raising your attributes the cost is on a 1:1 basis upto 18. When boosted over 18 the cost adjusts to 2:1 upto 21 and then is increased again to 3:1 until you reach the max of 24.

Once you are ready to move on hit 'D'.

Now you will be given 60 points to assign among 27 skills. Each skill is attached to one of the attributes which you've just assigned. The cost to raise skills is the same ascending scale as attributes, however they are restricted in chargen to the max you've put into the guiding attribute. So if for example you have 12 in strength you would be able to have a max of 12 in Athletics, Brawl and Melee. For full information on what skills are attached to what attributes please see the Character Attributes page.

Upon completion of chargen you can move onto the Final Touches to finish fleshing out your character.

Final Touches

Until we enable merits and flaws this space is little more than a place holder. Thank you for your patience.

Now that you are finished with creating your character you are invited to head out to the grid and join the world of Ivalice. We hope that you enjoy your time here and if you need any help at all feel free to approach staff and they will do their best to assist you!

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