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  • ---Updates---
  • Usability Code: Database Interface (DBI)
  • RP System: Economy
  • RP System: Crafting System
  • ---Release---
  • Usability Code: Better Character Listers (FA/WS/WHO/etc)
  • RP System: NPC Handling
  • RP System: Job System
  • RP System: Weapons/Armor/Accessories/Items
  • RP System: Other Subskills
  • RP System: Abilities/Specials/Spells/Etc.
  • ---Beta---
  • RP System: XP and Character Advancement
  • RP System: Improvements to Character Editors
  • RP System: Zero-Time System for Initiative Calculation (ZTS)
  • RP System:    Combat Automation
  • RP System:    Design Finalization
  • RP System:    Zero-Time System Full Integration


  • RP System: Combat Timings and Initiative
  • RP System: Magical Combat
  • RP System: Elements Damage/Healing/Effects/Etc
  • RP System: Testing and Debugging


  • RP System: Physical Combat (+attack +defend +calc +equip) (Non-Automated)


  • RP System: Character Stat Check Roller (+check)
  • RP System: Character Sheet (+sheet sheet @sheet)
  • RP System: Character Generator (+chargen)
  • Usability Code: Polling System (+poll)
  • Usability Code: Mail System (+mail)
  • Usability Code: Account System (+account)
  • RP System: Skills
  • RP System: Stats
  • RP System: Dice Roller (+dice)
  • Usability Code: IC/OOC Teleportation Program (+ic +ooc)
  • Usability Code: IC/OOC Aware say/pose program (say pose osay opose ic ooc tb sayhelp)
  • Usability Code: IC/OOC Status Program (goic goooc goafk goidl godnd gojdg gowiz)

Color Key

  • Incomplete
  • In Progress
  • Completed