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  • History

Throughout history, great warriors have been the foundation of countless legends, inspiring generations with their courage and fighting spirit. None, however, are as storied as the Crusaders. Undisputed paragons of the fighting arts, so great was the prowess and purity of these thirteen warriors that not even mortality could stand in their way; having shed their bodies, the Crusaders became beings of pure power, roaming the universe in search of causes just and true. Their names may have long been lost to history, but such is their reputation that friend and foe alike cannot help but suppress a shiver when these armored titans shimmer into existence around the Summoner, ready to once again put time-honed skills to the test.

No one knows where they dwell, it is said there is a shrine to them deep within the Great Keep, another tale speaks of a cathedral within Alexander itself. Other people put them as ever roaming, fighting the good fight across the realms and dimensions of reality. It is known that they have never appeared to a summoner who has less then 1 Major Pact, and never have they sworn to answer the call of one who will not charge forward fearlessly into battle. Though summoner's may dream of tracking them down, of finding their dwelling and forging a pact throughout history it has been made clear in tale, legend and story that they choose who they will join in battle and none may coerce them.

  • Rules for Pacting

(To be filled in once Summoning System is established.)

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