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This is a list of some of the more famously known Saints in Ivalice. There will be some updates to this list and more detailed info on each Saint will appear over time.

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Name Description Principle Shrine Species
Saint Aerith The Great Healer Ber-Omisace Human
Saint Amante The Hunter's Champion Materiwood ??
Saint Ashe Last Queen of Dalmasca Emberstrand Human
Saint Ajora The Prophet Matyr Ber-Omisace ??
Saint Ayane The Summmoner's Light Aisenfield Human
Saint Bellatrix Guardian of the Weak Nalbina Mouse
Saint Cecil Harvey Patron of Redemption Ber-Omisace Lunarian
Saint Cid Patron Saint of Airships Baguba Port Human
Saint Cloud The Lonely Warrior Cyril Human
Saint Cyrus Patron Saint of Monarchs Emberstrand Human
Saint Dax Father of the Mithra Tchita Mithra
Saint Edea Protector of Children and Orphans Ambervale Human
Saint Freya The Dragoon Cleyra Burmecian
Saint Heather The Resolute Selikawood Porcupine
Saint Kagane Sage of the Healed Spirit Materiwood Elk
Saint Kefka He who guards the Insane Nubswood Human
Saint Macabe Of Miraculous Endurance Barheim Weasel
Saint Madeen The Holy Warrior Ber-Omisace Human
Saint Mysidia Patron of Teachers and Doctors Cadoan Nu Mou
Saint Meredith The Alchemist's Guide Cadoan Human
Saint Seelus Watcher of the Departed Nubswood Moogle
Saint Tobias The Archer Materiwood Human
Saint Vivi Patron of Black Mage Balfonheim Black Mage
Saint Yojimbo The Wandering Mercenary Cyril Human
Saint Yuna Patron of Summoners Ber-Omisace Human