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An archetypal spirit that represents the common grunt of battle. He has had a place all through man's tarnished history. Wielding a club, then a mace and sword, and eventually muskets. One thing is common, he is the most proliferate element on the battlefield, and it is by his numbers that great many wars were won and lost. He is the currency of war, and his general may use him wisely, or squander his life. The footman is a spirit of loyalty and battle, and abhors cowardice. His anathema is treachery, and will never pact with one who speaks less than forwardly.

He appears as a soldier dressed in field armor appropriate for the era of the battle. Male. His face is always covered, by a gas mask, by thick war paints, or just a shadow that seems to drip down from his helmet. The Footman has no identity for he is all warriors who have ever marched to battle, a song upon their lips and pride in their hearts to serve their people. He brings knowledge, aid and strength of war to the summoner who calls upon him. No battle is too big, no cause too hopeless, always will he come, with a song, with a roar of defiance, with muskets blazing or sword held high. He is the warrior, the soldier, the triumphant friend to all who strive in strife and battle to win through to victory and the chance to return to those they love.

Prerequisites: Archetype-Summon of 15, Earth-Summon of 5, Melee or Ranged of 15+. Must NOT have betrayed an ally in battle.

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