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The warehouse has quieted down. The hail of bullets has left nothing but silence in their wake and five men dead inside the warehouse. Celeste has blood dripping from her spear and a few splatters along her uniform. Kupor is dragging down a unwilling man from the office who see's the carnage and falls to his knees, 'spare me! I am done with the drug business, you can have the drugs I don't care, just don't kill me!" The man starting to break down into crying. The three are inside warehouse 7 out of 10 in a small storage district along the waterfront of the city." Kupor looks over at the dead men. He looks grim that men had to die, but when he turns to Celeste and Alistair, his face is concerned. "I hope you are not hurt." He gestures to the man, staying behind him. "I found their leader, kupo." He offers up to Alistair. "I believe he will be willing to talk." Alistair simply turns away from the dead bodies left in Celeste and his wake, paying no more attention to them even as he quietly sticks that snubnose revolver back in his coat pocket. Stepping over to the table with the drugs then, there's a sudden flash of silver as the man flicks his wrist... A straight razor flicked open, and without much ado used to give a quick slice across one of those packages... The Detective carefully gathering up the white, powdery contents on the tip of that razor then, and holding it up to examine it with a careful eye... Before swiping some up with the finger of his other hand, and without hesitation touching it to his tongue... Letting the taste settle in his mouth, feeling it go ever so slightly numb, before he shakes his head and states to no one in particular, "Fairly low quality. A shame." Only to be distracted from that sampling then as Kupor drags the survivor in... His brows going up some as he turns to them, and he waves his hand at Kupor, "Ah, I'm perfectly fine, thank you." And pauses some again then to study the captive bandit... Celeste shrugs her shoulders, and tosses a lop-sided grin towards Kupor. "They dun shot me," she declares, though she doesn't seem overly concerned about it. "Jes' hadda return the favor." She picks at the spot on her shoulder where a bullet grazed her. "Yer findin' anything useful in there, Alistair?"

The negotiations alone, a tricky beast to manage. Catching up to the rest of their contingent, no less a chore, though with its own unique stresses. Thus, when Dietrich and Azar finally track their compatriots down, and find the aftermath of bloody battle, the grey-clad Knight can only sigh, and pinch the base of his muzzle, as though to stave off a bourgeoning headache. "And what," he rumbles, coming closer, "happened *here?*" "These men, I gather, believed in shooting first rather than seeking peaceful resolutions of their problems." Kupor gestures, "It appears it did not go well for them, kupo." Azar brings up the rear, sword drawn, as she followed the Wolf-kin into the warehouse. "Hmm, we missed a battle sadly. Still, no less fierce for having crossed words and barbs dressed as honeyed compliments." She glances out the way they came, before shutting the door. "So, if you have someone... have they said anything yet?" Celeste looks up at Dietrich, and then gestures towards the small variety of slain individuals. "We was jes' gonna come an' knock on'a door all friendly like," the mouse drawls, "When they done open'r up an' give us yer large caliber g'mornin'." She shrugs dismissively. "So we done fought'm off. Well... mostly me." She shakes her spear emphatically, to get the blood off it before returning it to the sling on her back. "Oi, Kupor... I'mma guessin' he ain' fessed up yet? Yer want me ter talk t'him?" She makes a show of cracking her knuckles. "I'mma *good* at talkin'." The man contniues to sit there sobbing not having been asked any questions yet. "What do you want to know, I will tell you anything, anything!" He offers cowering back from Celeste, clearly scared of her. [Public] Nuclear Snake Charmer Ainsley says, "bugs are icky" Alistair shakes his head at Celeste as he puts that razor away again, casually answering her, "Low quality narcotics. You're welcome to them, should you wish." And then promptly glances over his shoulder as both Dietrich and Azar show up... The pale, slender Detective offering them a polite, welcoming smile, before he motions around the warehouse and responds in particular to Dietrich's comment, "As miss Celeste has said, they thought to give us too much of a warm welcome. We acted in defense." And he motions over at the survivor then, "But as it seems, the lucky survivor is perfectly willing to spill the beans, so to speak, without the need for Celeste's interrogation methods. The honor is yours to ask what we need to know, mister Dietrich." [Public] How to color Zhgir says, "" "Well," Dietrich murmurs, rubbing a knuckle between his eyes for a moment, gazing down upon the sobbing wreck at Kupor's feet, "That's handy." Loosing a quiet breath, he approaches the survivor, dropping to his haunches and giving the man a cool, measuring gaze. "So... I suppose we should start with the simple. What on *Terra* posessed you to think this was a *smart* idea, hmm?" Kupor has a certain effect on people. [Public] Ezekial the T-I-Double Guh-UR snrks The man just blinks, then blinks again, "ye daft?" completely confused by the idea, "Narcotics good business down here, bought myself a house with it along the river front. Good propery, of course I am going to do good business!" "Yes," Dietrich sighs, neither looking or sounding at all put out by the prospect, "yes I expect you shall. Pay attention, will you? I *mean,* what drove you to waste perfectly good men and property, to say nothing of a less than useful livelihood, to assault *them,* of all people?" Azar chuckles and shakes her head, "Yes, it certainly wasn't good for your business to begin negotiations by gunfire, now was it?" The mouse warrior continues to stand there, looking generally pleased with herself, and equally pleased with the idea of roughing someone up for some information. "She plants one hand on her hip, and mmms softly, glancing back and forth between Dietrich and the poor sobbing survivor. "Y'might wanna cut ter th'bit 'bout where us stuff we's lookin' fer is, m'haps?" "Coner, I did some business in Coner's quarter yesterday. He kills anybody who does that, thought you were assassins come to finish me off for cutting into his business. Shoot first, ask later, its how you live down here." THe man offers. the man glances to Celeste, "What stuff?" [Public] Seloria has wide ranging tastes. Alistair just stands back, next to Azar, letting Dietrich do the talking and Celeste do the intimidating even as Kupor keeps the man into place. A brief smile curling the Detective's lips at the man's answer, and shrugging some as he remarks, "I certainly did not take the attempt personal. He's quite right as to how business is conducted here... But I'm afraid we've digressed a bit. We're looking for the outfit that took a particular weapons shipment, my good man. I'm sure some word has gone around, hm?" <OOC> Alistair says, "Brb" "Yes, and lot of good it did, hmm?" Raking a gauntleted hand through his hair, Dietrich settles himself, gesturing up at Alistair. "That's all that they were looking for, my good man. Could have gone a great deal easier, if you'd opened your mouth before opening fire." [Public] (Legion) Raz Dva Tri! says, "Seloria stop gnawing on the chicken, they're not even dead yet." [Public] Seloria is practicing. [Public] Seloria says, "Once it is dead, I will revive it." At the mention of weapons shipment the man pales and scoots back, "no no heard nothing, that cartel business. Keep my nose clean of cartel business I do! You can tell the Don I know nothing! All I hear is he stole a few, thats all!" The looking white as a ghost now. "Well, tha's unfort'nate," Celeste comments. She slings her shield across her back, and takes a seat on a crate nearby. Reaching over her shoulder, she draws the short sowrd she keeps on the back of her shield with a soft shhhhhnk sound, and hefts the weapon, turning it over in her hands. "I'mma thinkin' y'oughta be thinkin' 'bout how all yer gonna keep y'self useful 'round here 'bouts." From a pocket, the mouse produces a whetstone, and commences a rather... obnoxiously loud session of blade-sharpening. <OOC> Alistair says, "Back." <OOC> Celeste says, "Welcome!" Azar takes up a position against the door, cracking it open to peer outside. Shutting it once more, she leans against the wall there. "Well, obviously you know something, else you wouldn't be so pale and shaking like a leaf, yes?" Kupor lifts his hand, palm outward towards Celeste, "I am sure the man would be pleased to tell us. There is no need for threats, kupo." There is a distinction tone of 'good cop' in his voice, however. "Nothing, only that he stole some weapons and such. What he does with them I do not know, its suicide to even try to find out! The don, the done will kill me." Shaking visibly scarred and sobbing, "Torture me all you want, I know nothing." Still sobbing like a little girl. "There there," Dietrich says quietly, "don't cry, now. It's not as bad as all that, for you see... you're in luck, my friend. All you have to do, is tell us where we *can* find out. For you see, we're rather detemined to retrieve those weapons. And since we don't know who you are, and not interested in finding out? Why, once we send you on your way, you'll never have to worry about us again, will you? All you need to do is tell us who knows where the shipment is." The man glances up and whimpers a moment, "I am dead if I tell you. The don will find out. He has men watching all of us, I tell you I di, I do not tell you I die. What does it matter anymore. I do not know where he is, all I know is some of his ranking men have houses a few blocks over." Someplace Alistair would recall was one of his three locations. Alistair watches the 'interrogation', looking at each participant as if studying their technique... Before settling his pale baby blues back on the sobbing man, and offering him another smile as he adds onto Dietrich's statement, "You might not even have to worry about the Don, my good man. Just think, he might decide to give us the same sort of welcome you so valiantly attempted. With most likely similar results." Celeste snorts loudly. "Yer wuss," she states, as if reminding everyone that the sky was blue. "Y'gonna tell us, 'cuz yer a wuss. Y'sittin' there all ballin' y'eyes out." She stands up, and takes an idle step towards the man, still sharpning her sword. "Whatcher oughta think 'bout is whatcher wants t'look like after y'done tellin' us." She pauses, and flashes a big, toothy grin. "An' him's right," she nods towards Alistair, "If'n we go find yer big boogeyman, ain' likely ter be much talk a' who tipped us lot off." Azar stands and walks over to the man, crouching down beside him. "It is a predicament, isn't it? However you're overlooking one thing. We're here, right now. The Don is not. The Don may presently be dealing with us, meaning you're free to flee and hide, and come back later on when the heat is off." She nods her head to Celeste, "See, even our most bloodthirsty is willing to let you leave, even after shooting her." Kupor frowns. One man will die. But if they move on one of the houses, many more will die. He has only his judgment to go on. "Then we will ask these ranking men. And not you, kupo." He turns towards Dietrich, "I do not believe we can protect him, and it is possible the guards will put him into a life of slavery. Repentence with no chance of light is not repentence." He spreads his hands, "I would not damn this man to death when another option is before us." The man starts laughing and falls back and holds his stomach, "you take on the don? Ha! He is fearsom, you have no chance!" Shaking his head laughign, "oh I want to live to see this now! Some of the houses, I do not know which ones. Safer not to know." Still laughing uncaring anymore if he lives or dies, something has snapped inside him. "What option might that be, then?" Rising to his feet, Dietrich extends a hand to the shattered wreck on the ground. "Up you get, there's a lad. While we're puzzling this out, perhaps you could simply point the way? I'm sure we'll find out what we need with just a direction to go on." "I find it troubling that this is the second man I have tried to save, kupo, who has gone insane," Kupor adds, tiredly. Azar chuckles and grins at the moogle, "Perhaps you should stop trying to save people who obviously don't wish to be saved?" The man stands up still chuckling, "not insane, just don't care anymore. You let me go I still die, so why not." Cracknig a grin to the moogle, "So to the houses? down along the waterfront, bout half ahout walk. Otherway is the shipyards, good thing your avoiding that place.' Chuckling still." A loud, exasperated sound exits Celeste's lips, before the sword she is holding slams point-first into the crate she'd previously been sitting on. The blade quivers in the air as she leaves it there, and she marches straight up to the man, coming to a stop right by his side. "I'mma gettin' *bored*," she snaps, "And yer ain' gonna like me when I'mma bored." She crosses her arms across her chest, and glowers down at him. "Y'gonna tell us what all houses t'go to'r what?" "I do not know." The man states very firmly, "You think I am stupid enough to find out which houses belong to the cartel? Your madder then Saint Kefka, you are." The man is still quivering in his standing, trying his best to hide his fear. Alistair's brow raises some as the man snaps like that... And he shakes his head some, looking at the others next, "I have a fairly good idea of which residences he is talking about. I would suggest leaving him here, in the company of a strong piece of rope, for the time being. If sir Kupor wishes to aid him, we can return to do so once our business with the Don is concluded." "Enough." Between the negotiations and the upcoming festivities, Dietrich's patience is wearing thin, and it begins to creep into his voice. Looking to Alistair, the wolfkin nods once, hefting the strap securing his shield to his back. "Best we get on our way, then." Turning back to the man, he raises an eyebrow. "Think you can keep yourself secure for a few hours, mh?" Azar just shrugs and heads back to the door, looking outside once more to make sure their exit is clear. "This has got to be one of the strangest days I've ever had the pleasure of being awake for." Celeste stares down at the man, and gives him a long, hard look. And then she shrugs her shoulders, and turns to walk back to where she left her sword. "A'ight," she states, her tone gone back to being airy and pleasant. "So... where all we's off ter next, then?" She pushes the sword back into the scabbard it came from, and stretches her back until the vertebrae pop. The man does not prevent himself from being tied up, only shaking his head slowly, "I hope he kills you all, slowly and painfully." As he sits there watching the party go. <OOC> Marduke says, "YOu all heading out to the housing area then?" <OOC> Alistair says, "Ja" <OOC> Dietrich ayus. <OOC> Azar nawds. <OOC> Marduke says, "Anybody have a aversion to blood/gore I should be aware of before I proceed?" <OOC> You say, "it's only words, words cannot hurt me unless you really start getting into some Saw/human centipede stuff or something. Then that's really more of a personal problem you should get help for" <OOC> Alistair doesn't. The party starts out of the warehouse and it is not more then two minutes after they leave that they hear a sharp cry of pain from behind them. The man they had just interogated and tied up if anybody heads back is found tied up and hung with his own intestines. A note pinned to his chest. <OOC> Kupor Afk just a few more minutes. <OOC> You say, "man does he employ ninjas we haven't even gone two blocks for you to screw over our decisions!" <OOC> Azar chuckles. Alistair had started to lead the group to where he believes this Don character might have hidden the stolen shipment, when he's given pause by that scream... And shows no hesitation then as he starts to head right back, letting anyone who wants to follow along do so. The man re-emerging inside the warehouse only to find the strung up corse... His nose crunching up a just a bit at the strong scent of blood as he studies the effects of the brutal murder with an otherwise clinical eye... Gaze soon dropping to that note. The note has but one simple word on it. "Slate" Azar shakes her head and shrugs, "Well, the man's fear was properly placed it seems. Another one for the Don to have to pay for, when the time for accounting comes." THe mouse warrior likewise had rushed back into the room, spear drawn and ready; and... it would seem, not necessary for the moment. She keeps it in had for the time being, however. "...Well damn, there's killin' a man, an' then there's that," she observes, peeling her lips back in brief disgust. "T'ain' necess'ry fer *that*." She slowly approaches the slain man, and reaches out to pluck the note off his chest, and hand it to Azar. "Here... what all that sayin'?" After that, she swipes her spear to cut the man down; after he lands on the floor, she rolls him onto his back, and lays her spear down beside him as she carefully feeds his intestines back into his belly. "A little dignity," she murmurs. <OOC> You say, "dangit" <OOC> You say, "couldn't type fast enough" "Truly?" Dietrich's muzzle wrinkles as he rounds the corner at Alistair's heels, catching sight of the grisly murder just long enough to identify the victim, then turning to place his hands over his nose. "*This* is what he deserved? Augh... I think I'd agree, Azar... and... that's.... kind of you, Celeste... but do wash your hands before we go on, yes?" "Not just dignity, but we rob the Don of the message he wished to display. We might not get the chance, but if it comes to fighting, we ought to carve a bit of hide from the Don." Azar crosses her arms. "This city and her ways are starting to get to me." For one moment, Celeste and Kupor are of one mind. He has his hand on his sword, about to leap and do exactly the same. But as Celeste does it, he nods. - Kupor approves (+50) - "No. I had hoped to alleviate his death, kupo." Kupor brings his hat down slightly as he bends over with Celeste's work. He says a brief 'Let the Light guide your soul' before he stands up again. "Let us continue. My patience for this city's dark ways draws thin." <OOC> Kupor ugh. I need 10 minutes. Sorry. Be back as soon as possible. "Deserved, not deserved, inconsequential. Punishment determined and execution completed." Offers a monotone voice from the office. The office starting on fire as the Rozzarian golem Slate steps out. "Quick to find area, impressive. Slate gives credit." The golem coming to a stop, "You disapprove?" The golem tilting its head slightly, "Proper punishment for unacceptable life. What would be proper?" "And we've only spent but a pair of days in her arms," Dietrich grumbles, keeping to the mouth of the alley, until the rest finish their business. The new voice, however, has the wolfkin straightening sharply, turning to face the golem, eyes narrowing. "Slate, I presume?" "He could have still provided information later. Also, there really was no point, he was a broken man. A waste of time to have killed him, especially in such a fashion." Azar looks to Dietrich, "Has it really been only two days. It feels more like a week." Alistair searches his mind for the possible meaning of the word on the note. Slate; A fine-grained rock formed by the metamorphosis of clay, shale, etc, that tends to split along parallel cleavage planes, usually at an angle to the planes of stratification. Slate; A thin piece or plate of this rock or a similar material, used especially for roofing or as a writing surface. Slate; A dull, dark bluish gray ... Only to be distracted from this thought process by the sudden voice, turning towards it much like Dietrich does, his brows rising as he promptly studies the Golem before them. "...Well well weeelll." Celeste dispenses with washing her hands and stands up instead, work completed. She hooks one foot under the haft of her spear and jerks it upwards, catching the weapon in oner bloody hand; her other smoothly pulls the shield off her back, and slips her arm through the straps. "If'n it ain' ol' rust bucket from'a negotiatin' table. An yer does speak afterall." She tilts her head to crack her neck, and moves smoothly forwards; nothing overtly hostile, but merely a positioning of herself between Slate and the rest of the group. "Yer mind givin some 'splanation?" "Explination request of actions." The golem pauses as if thinking, "Request accepted. Attempt at distraction and misinformation. Removal of possible information leads to adversaries, emberstrand deligation. Method of execution, attempt at demoraliztion, emberstrand deligation. Task, completed." The golem turning to face the group, "Slate recommends vacating premises, fire spreading drugs offer inhospitale air to lesser beings." The golem starting for the door, "Will discuss further outside." The fire from the office spreading quickly. The hair of Kupor's nape rises. "This fire could spread to other warehouses. To homes, kupo!" How did the golem do this all so damnably quick? He turns to the office, then puts his hand over his face as the fire blazes. "We must alert the guard quickly. I care nothing for the golem's self-servings, kupo. More people will die if this fire is not quickly contained." Azar doesn't need to be asked three times, promptly turning and making her way outside. "Hmm, the moogle has a salient point. Anyone have water spells handy?" "None to speak of, but the guard is a fine choice," Dietrich says, ushering the stragglers out the door in a hurry. "Quickly though, quickly. Plenty of time to chat once we've shaken the soot from our shoes." Alistair shakes his head some, but offers no comment yet towards the Golem or anyone else, not before they all get out of the warehouse as that blaze starts spreading... The man quickly turning to follow Dietrich outside, no stress, worry or even fear showing on his face as he does so. Rather seeming to be deep in thought instead... Celeste matches Slate's steps, keeping herself between the golem and the party. "Lesser beings me arse, but I do like sweet air, s'a'ight, out we go. But yer makes a move fer me friends an' I'mma show you who all's lesser." She follows out after the golem, and takes up a good and strategic position. "A'ight then. We's all out'ere. How 'bouts yer 'splainin' b'fore th'city be burnin' down 'round us?" "Fire of no consequence. Spreading of little impact, local lives evaluation, calculating. Nominal." The golem turns to face the group once outside. "Inquiry: What further expliatnation is required? Stated purpose was to hinder and demoralize, emberstrand deligation. Emberstrand objective, weapons grade supply shipment of magicite. Purpose, to delay group while arrangements are made. Task, completed." The moogle cares little for the golem's explanation or evaluation. It is better that he leaves to go find the guard to take care of this fire rather than stay around the Golem. He takes off in a dead sprint. "Can we quote you on that?" Dietrich says, nodding at Kupor's back as the moogle speeds off to summon the guard. "I suppose we've our work cut out for us, then. Friends, let's hurry, shall we?" Azar rubs her chin, "Yes, I think the moogle has the right idea." She takes off at a run, roughly following Kupor's path. <OOC> You say, "How did the Rozzarian embassy arrive here by the way" <OOC> Marduke says, "Airship" <OOC> You say, "their own airship or carter" <OOC> Marduke says, "Their own." <OOC> You say, "yea I know where I'm getting my god damn airship" <OOC> Dietrich XD [Public] Azar says, "" Alistair actually offers the Golem a bit of a smile... And he nods at it then, simply remarking, "You did a fine job, I'm sure... Give my regards to miss Satori, will you?" And with that, he simply turns to follow after the others, to attempt to salvage the operation as best they can. <OOC> Dietrich says, "JUSTICE MUTINY." "No he ain', Kupor's got'a *wrong* idea," Celeste snaps, taking a step back from the golem. "He all off ter find'a guards fer'a fire, an' by a'time we got that sorted we gonna be too late fer th'weapons." She takes another step back, and glances over her shoulder at Dietrich. "T'hell wit'a warehouses. We gotta be lookin' out fer *Emberstrand*." <OOC> Alistair prolly got the situation wrong. Was following to go find the Don, not deal with dumb fire. <OOC> Alistair tired. <OOC> Dietrich nods, that's what I was assuming too. "Quote acceptable, bases of you word vs ours. Accusations of weaker group act as weakening point, please quote." Slate offers to Dietrich. Then turns to Celeste, "Accurate account. Guards not in slums, estimated resonse time for fire control at 48 minutes, 32 seconds. Estimated time to find guard, 1 hour, 12 minutes, 12 seconds. Time needed for completion of shipment extraction, 1 hour, 44 minutes and 13 seconds remaning. Inquiry, why were you headed the wrong way for shipment of goods? Slate assumes you knew proper location of goods at shipyards." <OOC> You say, "There are six of us, I'm pretty sure you guys can handle him without me for a round or two." <OOC> Azar says, "Ugh." "It's not as though we can't raise the alarm *on the way,*" Dietrich notes, tugging on the rim of Celeste's shield as they hurry away from the golem. "Kupor, Azar! Get the call up, we're on a *tight schedule* now!" Celeste says, "Feel free ter rust solid," Celeste says to Slate, quite cheerfully, before she turns to run after Dietrich. Spear and shield find their way to her back; her hands are still covered in blood however, and there doesn't seem to be much she can do about that... though she does eye the back of Dietrich's clothes for a moment. "...So were he tellin' a truth?" she asks, once they are a reasonable distance from the golem. "He mentioned a' Shipyard, but he might'a be lyin'. There'a two more places fer a visit left... I'mm thinkin' we splits again."" Azar has reconnected. <OOC> Azar says, "Still good, only switched spots because Chinese." Azar waves in response to Dietrich's yell, and without bothering to look back, she begins to yell out, "Fire! Fire in the warehouses!" <OOC> Marduke says, "which way you going, shipyards, or houses?" <OOC> Celeste Is for splittin'. <OOC> You say, "Indeed." <OOC> Marduke says, "Very good idea :)" <OOC> You say, "heeey, we had one good idea! woooooo" <OOC> Dietrich says, "Note that it was not 'jack the ROzarrian's ride' XD" <OOC> Marduke says, "You have had a lot of good ideas." <OOC> Dietrich says, "So who goes with whom?" <OOC> You say, "We'll split the killbeasts" <OOC> Marduke says, "Let me point out a few things to before you split." <OOC> You say, "and dietrich and I should go in opposing groups as moral guidance" <OOC> Azar says, "Because nothing has ever gone wrong when we split up." <OOC> Marduke says, "The houses are a lot of houses. Several of them with water front and ship docks for a lot of them. The shipyards are smaller and more open so searching is much quicker. If you wish to split up let me know how and where everybody is going." <OOC> Dietrich nod, hm. <OOC> Marduke says, "I have also given you two clues >.>" <OOC> Dietrich says, "You have!" <OOC> Alistair is good with whichever. <OOC> Celeste suggest she and Dietrich go to the docks, and Alistair takes Azar and Kupor to the houses. <OOC> You say, "Sounds good." <OOC> Dietrich nod. <OOC> Azar says, "Hnn, sure!" <OOC> Dietrich says, "Alistair having a target among the houses makes that easier." Slate shifts a moment seeing that the party is splitting up. "New objective. Slate moves towards Docks to warn of approaching interferance. Initiating objective." The golem takes one step forward, then suddenly is a blur of speed rushing right past Azar and Dietrich. <OOC> Dietrich says, "Celeste." <OOC> Azar says, "Now we should stick together. XD" <OOC> You say, "IT WOULD BE GOOD IF SOMEONE COULD ROLL SENSE MOTIVE" +-------------------------[ HP/MP/XP ]-------------------------+ | HP 153/153 | MP 22/22 | XP 84/352 | +--------------------------[ DERIVED ]-------------------------+ | PATK 55 | RATK 34 | MATK 14 | | DEF 24 | | MDEF 16 | +---------------------------[ STATS ]--------------------------+ | Strength 20 | Dexterity 17 | Stamina 16 | | Intelligence 12 | Insight 11 | Willpower 16 | | Attunement 6 | Acuity 8 | Resilience 8 | +--------------------------[ SKILLS ]--------------------------+ | Agility 18 | Alertness 9 | Athletics 18 | | Brawl 18 | Empathy 6 | Endurance 12 | | Fortitude 12 | Leadership 2 | Melee 24 | | Performing 6 | Resistance 7 | Survival 4 | | Vitality 10 | | | +-------------------------[ ABILITIES ]------------------------+ | Active/Accumulate 6 || Active/Cover 8 | | Active/Rend Attack 8 || Active/Rend Magic 7 | | Support/Raise-HP 6 || Support/Toughen 6 | +--------------------------------------------------------------+ <OOC> You say, "HINT HINT" <OOC> Azar says, "Dude, really?" <OOC> Kupor looks at Alistair <OOC> Celeste says, "Yeessss?" <OOC> Marduke says, "Kupor, the guy dropped the hint that the docks were dangerous. Nobody followed up with why. Second off, the golem stated that was the right direction second hit. Third hint, he is going ahead to warn people at docks. Three hints, without giving away the answer. If you wish to still icly split up, that is fine. else you can take the hints and head to the docks." <OOC> Celeste says, "Marduke, can I try to do something about Slate rushing past us?" <OOC> Marduke says, "Sure!" <OOC> Dietrich says, "This golem is the worst mook ever. XD" <OOC> Celeste is basically just gonna try to either take him off his feet with her spear, or else dige the blade in and go for a ride. <OOC> Celeste Shall pose that, huhr. <OOC> Azar says, "Best mook. We have no idea if he's telling the truth really. :P" <OOC> Marduke says, "Is either one magically enforced?" <OOC> Celeste says, "What do you mean?" <OOC> Azar says, "I think he means enchanted." <OOC> Marduke says, "Or tempered beyond normal hardness to prevent breaking." <OOC> Celeste headshakes, not magic. <OOC> Celeste says, "Good quality though." <OOC> Marduke says, "Hai, pick your attack :)" The mouse warrior's ears perk up at Slate's ramblings; Celeste spins around, coat whirling around her as she turns to face the golem full on. She sets her shield in front of her as she puts herself straight into Slate's path, and holds her spear behind her; she winds the weapon up for the attack, and with a fierce yell brings it around, aiming to slam the blade into the golem's side and puncture his metal self, while keeping her feet set to receive the charge full on with her own body. "The Docks it is," Dietrich mutters, drawing in a breath. "Let's move!" Waving for the rest of the party to follow, the wolfkin unlimbers his shield and picks up the pace, hoping to catch up to Slate before he can bowl over Celeste, and drive the shield edge-on into the back of the golem's knee joint. The golem is heavy, the golem is fast. It also seems to have a weakness in that very speed, lack of ability to react to a sudden change in situation. It charges forward, no vering, no alteration of course, and slams right into Celeste. The spear hits into the creatures side and pierces into the metal, then snaps the spear in half. The golem fortunetly hit the shield that bears the brunt of the hit. Celeste is crushed under the shield and into the ground several of her ribes cracking or broken and both her arms and left leg broken from the impact. The golem continues forward and now into the air, slamming into a building and through it into another and so forth going through five of the warehouses total before it comes to a crashing stop. The golem is shattered, pieces of him thrown about past the five warehouses. The golem is dead, a touch of mist escaping from its center and fading into the air. Dietrich is just a hair to late to try to help the mouse warrior. <OOC> Dietrich says, "And this, children, is why you never hook up a brain to a locomotive." Azar has dropped a connection. <OOC> Celeste wonders if this is a good time to activate Regenerator? >.> <.< <OOC> Marduke says, "Rollit" <OOC> Azar says, "Heh." [Public] Azar says, "I PUNCH THE GOLEM!" Kupor grimaces. Is there no guard, even a light force here? Damn this city. As Azar calls out, it shall have to be enough. He turns to see the golem burst into motion. He twists, coiling his body to move. But it is Celeste that acts first. And her spear that brings the golem crashing through several warehouses. He blinks twice. "Kupo." He is not sure how to feel about this. - Resigned to leave the golem to his fate, he moves rapidly to Celeste instead to pry the shield off of her.

The impact draws a deep wince from the running wolfkin, and as the golem passes over Dietrich scoops Celeste up on the run, hurriedly murmuring a brief healing incantation. [Cure] His newfound burden slows him some, but, to the shipyard he runs, intent on arriving before the deal is complete.

Azar slows to a stop as she runs past the moogle, turning in time to see the mouse-golem collision. She winces at the sound of each passage through a building the golem makes. "It couldn't have happened to a more deserving being, I think."

Alistair looks back at the sound of metal on flesh, only to watch Celeste be bowled over like that, the Detective in an instant noting it doesn't look at all good... And ignoring it as the Golem crashes into the nearby building, he heads towards the mouse warrior instead, to provide whatever aid he can.

( Celeste finds herself lieing on her back, staring up at the sky. The sharp cry that left her lips when the golem struck her goes wholly unremembered; in fact she finds herself quite unable to recall the previous fifteen seconds of her life. What does register, however, is that Slate is most certainly no longer within the realm of the living, and has gone to... wherever it is that golems go, along with the fact that she hurts. Significantly. Also of note is the massive dent in the middle of her shield, as well as the unfortunate condition her spear is is. Already, her wounds are working to knit together. "...I'mma need a new spear," she mutters, her voice raspy and strained. She winces and gasps as she's scooped up; her shield is dropped in the process, clattering across the ground, though she manages to keep ahold of the half of her spear that has the blades on it. "Thanks," she gasps once more, as the effects of the healing spell leave her in a much more favorable condition. ) [Spoofed By: Celeste]