MAS Fenrir, Part II

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Kamina grunts a small bit, really, what the hell was that guy doing with that club, he's not sure at all. The great Kamina, at least in his own mine, never surrenders, but now he's here on the Sconner, rubbing a huge lump on his head and needs to take the time to reasses...weapons, ok, coin pouch, ok, all the bits in the right places? All right. Standing up he'll take a look around.

The schooner looks much as it did before, save that it's now being crewed by a small pirate crew--a prize crew, certainly, and barely enough to man the ship at all at that--and there are no passengers aboard. The schooner is making what little speed it possesses to Emberstrand.

Kamina hmms, well behind a barrel is enough to hide him for now, but he really needs to think about where he is. A pirate crew, ok, no one else in sight...a large breath taken as he slides back into the shadows. Attack now, even for him, would be foolish, left now to find numbers. How many and where.

A quick count shows five visible on deck, tending to the ship. Anybody who's spent time aboard ship, whether in the air or the water, can probably assume that, given a likely skeleton crew on board, probably five more are belowdecks. So call it ten, all knowing Kamina is on board and simply not bothering to watch him.

Kamina lets out a puff of a breath, so he was left unconcious, with his weapons, on a ship with pirates...oh the indignity of it! he should have chaged the ship and made it his own! Grrr! Well there's little he can do about it now, an idle plan in his head as he takes a length of easy rope and begins to affix it around his waist, tying it correctly and fastly to his person leaving a handling end. He then walks out of the shadows and moves quickly, if cooly, up the stairs, towards the wheel. The pirate serving as the coxswain, a surprisingly young woman, but with a hard look to her eyes, glares at Kamina. "Whaddya think yer up to, now?" she snarls. "Scram or I'll call Annabeth to take yer sorry ass belowdecks. She likes 'em skinny and with a bit of fight in 'em."

Kamina nods his head a small bit, "All in good time my then" he gets right atop the deck there and moves all the way to the stern. Aheming and clearing his throat, drawing a pistol he holds it up, "Righ then! Pirates of this ship! You hace made a grave error!" he shouts, "You have decided to take over a ship with the great KAMINA on it! Now, I recgnize that everyone can make a mistake, so! I will let you simply surrender to me, and we shall call it a day! Otherwise, I shall retake the ship" he then moves right to the priate woman, pistol in hand and close to the wheel.

The pirate doesn't bother resisting, but she doesn't look in the slightest afraid of the man. "Ye do know there's nine more people on board?" the woman says with a sneer. "Were I you, I'd tuck yerself away somewhere 'til we drop yer ass off at Emberstrand and shut the hell up. Otherwise, Stump'll probably decide to drop you off with a note for that ransom instead. From about half a mile up." Kamina nods his head, "Oh! Well, I know I am a fearsom person, and it will take a while for that shock to sink into your skull." he works on tying the rope one handed through the wheel. Licking his lips again, "I wouldn't want to hurt any of you, I am loath to harm a woman, but have no doubts! I am a true sky pirate..." he sets his hand on the wheel, "And True Sky Pirates can fly..." The woman at the wheel guffaws at the man's boasts. Meanwhile, other pirates are starting to gather at the ladder leading to the wheel. "You don't have a damn clue what -true- sky pirates are," she said. "Maybe if yer good you could convince Stump to let you beg the Old Lady to come on board. She'd show ye how it's done."

Kamina nods his head, "Ah...such a pity...but you know, a man who has his mind made up will always win...even if he loses!" he looks down at the other pirates, "I actually would like to join really, fine looking crew but...I apologize. Really. I am sorry." he tries to get a kiss at the woman's cheek real quick before he grinds the wheel hard to port in a most dangerously large fashion.

The ship dramatically... turns to port, in an admittedly rather quick move that throws everybody stumbling. Apparently the ship's still locked into level flight, judging from the number of cursing, currently slightly disoriented pirates. Not for long, though, as they start rushing the wheel.

Kamina ahems, "Right, well see, that was my warning shot!" he says, lowering the pistol and firing down at the stairs, hoping to spray wood as he works a lever, trying to find the correct one to actually take it out of lock! well. Pulling various levers to their extremes will do SOMETHING that should cause the right results...he just makes sure he's still tied down.

As it happens, the first lever does the job, and the ship starts... well, slowly yawing to starboard. It's a schooner and a passenger liner, after all. Of course, when you're frantically yanking at levers, it's pretty much bound to happen you'll snatch the other one in the absence of a rapid and dramatic effect, too... and suddenly the ship is turning to port, yawing to starboard, and starting to pitch forward into a descent. Simultaneously.

Kamina ahems as he's slowly putting it into a nose dive, and he gripes the wheel and watchs as the various pirates are pushed towards the bow, "Ah ha! There we are! I told you it was a mistake to go against me, right! Do you surrender." idly trying to remember which lever is right so that he could keep the ship from plowing into the ground andk illing everything...that would put a crimp in his plan.

Nobody's really responding, unfortunately, as they are too busy scrabbling at railings as the ship continues to yaw to starboard. Not that it does much good--as the ship eventually becomes perpendicular to the ground, and continues rolling, the pirates start to fall off the ship. The woman who was at the wheel, with nothing else to really grab on to, is the first to succumb to the harsh mistress of gravity, screaming as she plummets to earth.

Kamina grunts hard again, as he begins to work the levers backwards...ah damn, he did like that one too...him or them really, but he does want to play fair, he's a sky pirate not a killer after all, trying to reverse the lever controls and bring the ship back up to a decent pitch! At least to avoid totally collapsing into the ground.

Most of the pirates seem to already be off board, at this point. Worse, the combination of the hard port turn and the hard forward pitch means that, as the ship starts to come back to 'level' relative to everything else, it's starting to actually climb. And still be quite skewed to starboard, although that's beginning to correct itself as it goes through the port turn. There's perhaps two disoriented pirates left at the ladder, looking thoroughly disoriented.

Kamina grunts a little bit more again as he turns the wheel back slowly, letting it right itself, and he looks down...boy that ground is pretty close, very close in fact. Grunting and he tries to GENTLY get closer to it, moving the wheel slowly. Well there's two left on deck and whoever is below. With a little grunt again he adjusts teh rope around his waist, "Right! See what did I tell you! Now get your flunkys and get off my ship!

The two of them--it seems most of who's below came up to the deck to deal with Kamina--rise slowly, glaring at him. "The Old Lady's gonna have you -and- that lady you had with you for breakfast, runt," one of them snarls. "It's a damn pity I won't be there to watch when her payday doesn't show up as planned."

Kamina nods his head and he moves the ship lightly, with a gentle touch, giving a grunt, "Well if you got a message you can give it to me!'re gonna get the hell off my ship." he says with a small frown, a sad look, "I am sorry you didn't belive me when I said you couldn't beat me. I did want to do this cleanly...but give me the message and get the hell off" he says as he's trying to stop a few feet above the ground.

The pirate snickers as he leaps over the side, rolling as he hits the ground a ways below. "You know damn well, pup. Have that lady's two million gil ready. And your friends on the ship'll be let off three days' ride north of Emberstrand. I'd head there with the gil if I were you."

Kamina gives a grit of his teeth, "You can tell her I'll be there. I'm not one to miss an appointment, I didn't get a chance to fight you off, but I'll damn well show up." he waits for the pirates to leave before taking the hsip up and back to Emberstrand.

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