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  • Information

The skies darken as a blood-red moon looms over the battlefield. A twinkle of light in the midst of that ominous sphere quickly grows into the battle-scarred shape of an ancient, dragon-headed airship studded with fearsome metal blades, hovering above the battlefield on a single mighty propellor. Suddenly, something inside the airship shudders into life; the rotor folds up, the prow splits in two, and the entire hull begins to fold and twist, by and by transforming the vehicle into an elegant mechanical knight.

Or so the ledgend speak of Ark when it manifests on Terra, patron spirit of Airships, Sky Pirates and those who use mechanical means to voyage through the skies. He is a by word and deity often prayed to in moments of great distress by sailors of the void of heaven. Feared by all yet respected for its total mastery of the skies through which it sails. It is said to be the protector of the Lost City, guardian of the realm that rests in the care of Sister Ray, his power is truly unknown, no pact has ever been forged with the mighty vessel, nor has a summoner had discourse with it but it is spoken of in terms of respect given only to the mightiest of spirits, of a level with Lord Bahamut himself. No one is entirely sure how to reach Ark, to seek audience or to board the mighty vessel, there are rumours that to gain entrance one must pass certain tests, but such knowledge and such a path can only be unlocked by Sister Ray and those who have walked it in the past have not returned.

  • Requirements for Pact

All that is known is that one must be able to traverse the mysterious of the Lost City and find the Ark before you can even begin to learn how to pact it.

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