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  • Information

A lesser spirit who concerns herself with the well being of plants. She is more often found pacted with NON-summoners than not, a patron to gardeners. Anyone with a pact with demeter who causes harm to a plant through action or inaction becomes rooted to the ground for a week as well as losing their pact. Demeter is a beautiful, boxom woman with dark eyes and dark hair, wearing little clothing which varies according to her whims but is always comprised of natural materials.

Those who pact with this fetching spirit will find any plant under their care growing more easilly, allowing -2 difficulty to all plant based agriculture. If the pact strength is 15 or higher, the caller may also ward away plant based monsters/creatures by spending one 1 MP per round, forcing them to keep at least ten feet away and preventing them from attacking. She can also be called upon to use the forces of nature to restrain or deflect harm from the summoner, vines may grow from the ground ensnaring enemies, the trees may come to life and carry the summoner to safety, the method of such help is different and unique depending on the situation.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 8, Crafting - 10

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