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  • Information

A beautiful young woman in apperance, Lakshmi normally appears wearing a loose-fitting blue robe and crowned with a large golden tiara, she is a spirit of Healing and Recover, a lesser spirit in the service of Undine whose sphere is entirely dedicated to health, well being and restoration. Though she does not wield the powerful healing waters of Undine she can banish any disease and offer sustenance and relief to minor injuries as well as remove life threatening status ailements.

This young spirit dwells within Atlanatan the city of healers within the Deeps. She is dedicated to never bringing harm to others and would ask those who seek her favour are often asked to end strife and conflict in a certain part of the world. She is kind and gentle and when summoned to battle will do no harm, only healing those in need.

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection - 6. Fortitude 6, Vitality - 6

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