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Active Abilities

Active abilities are abilities which must be activated to use. It is required to equip the Categories they are found under in one of the Ability Slots to access the ability so we have listed the categories which they are under. Click the category to see what abilities it supports.

[Archery] [Basic Magic] [Basic Training] [Black Magic]
[Chemistry] [Craftsmanship] [Dirty Tricks] [Green Magic]
[Gunnery] [Jutsu] [Lore] [Quick Fix]
[Red Magic] [Robbery] [Spellcraft] [Stage Presence]
[Tactics] [Thievery] [Time Magic] [Weapon Tech]
[White Magic]

Support Abilities

Once equipped in a Support slot, these abilities will be considered active and their bonus will be applied without requiring any special activation.

Aegis Apothecary Arcane Defense Arcane Focus
Arcane Strength Armor Fitting Armorsmithing Backhand Grip
Basic Crafter Bulletmaking Capture Chase
Concentration Doublehand Eagle Eye Empty Hand
Equip Instruments Equip Measures Equip Shield Evade Fire
Evasion Fearless Follow Up Formation
Hollowpoint Immunity Inner Light Item Use
Jewelry Long Winded Maintenance Mana Focus
Martial Arts Meditation Monkey Grip Pharmacist
Physicist Physiologist Poison Blow Raid
Raise-HP Raise-MP Recipes Scavenger
Search Secure Sticks and Stones Swap Ammo
Swift Teamwork Throw Item Toughen

Reactive Abilities

These abilities have a chance of activating when damage is inflicted on a character, though what sort of damage (be it physical, magical or another similar effect) depends on the ability in question.
Absorb Mana Adrenaline Rush Arrow Guard Auto-Potion
Backstep Bluff Brace Battle Rush
Catch Caution Counter Countercast
Counter-Tackle Critical: Faith Fair Warning Folded Steel
Gil Snapper Give Ground Hard Hat Hesitation
HP Restore Mana Save Mercy Shot Objection!
Parry Shot Peer Pressure Push Back Quickdraw
Reflex Regenerator Shake It Off Snare Trap
Speed Save Spell Guard Steel-Toe Strike Back
Volatile Reaction

Passive Abilities

These abilities are bonuses which are granted to a character while they are in the job that offers them. When the job is left the bonus is replaced by the new job's passive ability.

Movement Abilities

These abilities typically offer bonuses involving movement when in combat. Until combat is fully functional these are waiting to be further fleshed out.

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