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Seraphim represents the angelic host of Alexander, it is the Saints who stand ready to offer protection whilst the Seraphim stand ever vigilant, their hymns echoing from tower, spinaret and balcony. They are guides and protectors, chapreones and guardians, both within Alexander and upon the mortal realm those who are said to have a guardian angel it is the Seraphim who watch over them in regal repose, silently guarding, helping and aiding their charge in quiet, subtle ways, never manifesting upon the mortal realm.

A summoner who pacts one of the Seraphim will be expected to offer something of beauty, of worth without jealously or thought or reward to the glory and betterment of the holy city. In return the Seraphim will bless them with Regen when called upon in battle and offer silent aid when not engaged in comabt. This equates to 1 free re-roll on a non-combat skill such as Investigation as long as combat is not in process.

List of famous members of the Seraphim: Famous Saints

  • Requirements for Pact

Spirit Connection 10, Fortitude - 10, Abjuration - 10

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